31 Student-Tested Study Tips

by on Apr 11th, 2017

Everyone has their own unique way of studying and getting prepared for finals. And while there are certain habits that have been tried, tested and proven true, there’s nothing wrong with picking up a couple more study tricks! We asked MacEwan students what their favourite methods were and now we’re sharing them with you! Good luck on exams, MacEwan – you’ve got this!

1. “Block all social media distractions”

2. “Prioritize a study schedule to keep you on task, and to you know…remind you to study”

3. “Teach the concepts to friends or family who have never heard it before – if you can explain it them then it proves you know the material!”

4. “Read out loud” (#6 – it’s proven by science!”)

5. “Rewrite my notes and make myself tests.”

6. “Take breaks and reward yourself with candy!”

7. “45/15. For ever 45 minutes of studying give yourself 15 minutes of a break to help you stay focused”

8. “Invest in ear plugs!”

9. “Write in columns so the I can cover answers to question prompts.”

10. “Set a manageable study schedule, grab your favourite beverage and find a quiet and comfortable area.”

11. “Study independently for a few days, then get a study group together for quizzing. Also, funny acronyms are helpful for remembering lists and names!”

12. “Color coded flash cards with quick questions and summaries on the back”

13. “Getting enough sleep. You won’t retain as much pulling all nighters”

14. “Studying right before bed.”

15. “Make quizzes and go through them over and over again till you are getting 100%. Focus on most important sections in the text and always take breaks”

16. “Study independently for a few days, then get a study group together for quizzing. Also, funny acronyms are helpful for remembering lists and names!”

17. “Create a study guide as an outline of your own (consider it as your to-do list) and only pick out the major points from that particular subject and focus on those.”

18. “Create mnemonics to remember a certain topic easily and highlight the important stuffs you don’t want to forget”

19. “Reward yourself with study breaks in between courses.”

20. “Study a little everyday and constantly test yourself!”

21. “Harry Potter soundtrack, rewriting your notes, re-reading the chapters, and going through the power points again! Oh, and lots of tea!”

21. “Write out the answers to review questions, then read those through until you’ve memorized the info, for heavy content courses only”

22. “I walk around the room as if I’m talking to important people who asked me about a history/classics subject. Otherwise I make my own tests and test myself with what I think the professor will ask on the test”

23. “As a music student, the best advice I can give is lock yourself in a box for anywhere between 5 and 10 hours a day”

24. “Dirty mnemonics are a great way to memorize, the more vulgar the better you’ll remember them!”

25. “Write out a study plan rather than keeping track in your head.”

26. “Best tip I ever received was to just get started – the hardest part of studying is getting over the initial first little bit. Once you’re in it, you’re in it!”

27. “Write. Review. Read. Repeat.”

28. “Eat sweets while studying. It gets your brain moving, but it’s also good to treat yourself!”

29. “Use the Pomordoro Timer! It helps keep you focused on 1 task for 25 minutes and then rewards yourself with a 5 minute break to do whatever you like. This allows you to retain information longer as your not overloading your brain with too much information at one time.”

30. “Workout before you study. And coffee. Coffee first.”

31. “Use flash cards and separate them into correct and incorrect piles as you go. Keep memorizing the cards until they all make it into the correct pile! Then repeat.”