Students’ Council Election Season is Upon Us

by on Aug 28th, 2017

Think you’d make a good student leader? Want to have an impact at MacEwan and make a difference on campus? Then you should run for Students’ Council!

What Even is Students’ Council?

Students’ Council is the highest governing body at SAMU. It helps guide the organization and ensures the students of MacEwan University have their voices heard. Every fall, elections are held to appoint 14 student councillors, who will represent all MacEwan students on students’ council. Students’ Council approves bylaws and writes the policies that govern the activities of SAMU, and ensures expectations have been met.

Basically, the Students’ Council speaks on behalf of MacEwan students and helps make awesome things happen.

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Students’ Council nominations open August 28th and will remain open until September 18th at 4 p.m. You can nominate yourself or a fellow student who you think would make a great leader. Once nominations close, all candidates will meet with the SAMU marketing team to take candidate photos and videos – so dress to impress and have 30 seconds of material ready to go!

Download the 2017/18 nomination package.