10 Resolutions to Make 2018 Suck Less Than 2017

by on Dec 14th, 2017

Well…2017 happened. It was an interesting 365 days and while we certainly had some good times (like a building launch!), we’re definitely excited to “say see ya later” to 2017. So here’s to the new year and making the best of 2018, starting with some handy (if not somewhat cliché) New Year’s resolutions!

1. Stop skipping class

We all skip class, especially during the winter. It’s cold, it’s dark and the thought of going to class makes you huddle further into your blankets. But while going back to sleep sounds like a great idea now, your grades will suffer in the long run. So wake up and get to class!

If you’re really struggling in the morning, try using an app like Alarmy to get out of bed.

2. Focus on your health

So after much discussion, we’ve decided that you’re pretty great! We would hate to see that change, so this year let’s make health a priority! With proper sleep,increased activity and healthy eating habits, you’ll see an improvement to your mood, your memory and your grades.

3. Become a Great Chef (or at least handy with a microwave)

Cooking is great – you save money and you don’t consume as many hidden sugars and fats. You also get to show off for your friends, impressing them with your new culinary skills.

Spoon University gives you access to hundreds of easy recipes tailored for the life of a busy university student!

If cooking really isn’t your thing and you don’t know how to turn on an oven, then you should check out these fantastic and sometimes adorable microwave recipes! They’re simultaneously delicious and Instagram worthy.

4. Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, learn useful skills and give back to your community, all while stacking your resume. There are hundreds of volunteer opportunities around Edmonton, but if you want to stick a little closer to campus, you can always volunteer with SAMU.

5. Stop procrastinating

This might be the most common and hardest habit to kick, but we believe in you! Stop binge-watching Netflix, block social media distractions on your Mac and Android devices, shut your phone off and get to work! That paper isn’t going to write itself.

6. Party in Moderation

You should enjoy university and having a night out with friends is totally acceptable. But if you’re enjoying yourself a little too frequently, it will eventually catch up to you. Just remember to keep it all in moderation – your health, grades and wallet will thank you!

7. Unplug and look up from your phone

Smart phones and social media are great – they let us communicate with friends and family faster and more reliably than ever before. But it’s also making it harder for us to find solitude and can actually lead to unhealthy feelings of jealousy and loneliness. Time to put the phones away and enjoy the life that’s right in front of you!

8. Get organized and plan ahead!

Don’t get caught handing in an assignment last minute ever again! If you don’t already have one, invest in an agenda and then write down ALL OF THE THINGS! Include your readings, assignments and exams and then refer to them often. You should also aim to have to your assignments and papers done 1 – 2 days ahead of schedule, giving you plenty of time to make revisions!

9. Read more

Reading has many benefits, including reducing stress, improving you memory, expanding your vocabulary and helps you sleep. Don’t know what to read? Buzzfeed can send you new recommendations every week to keep you inspired.

10. Spend less money!

Student life can be costly and the little things can start to add up fast! Start keeping track of where you spend your money and find out where you can cut costs. Maybe skip that Grande Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks and bring your own coffee to class?