Cupboard Cooking: Recipes from The Pantry

by on Apr 21st, 2020

This is a really weird time for everybody. You need to get groceries, but you also need to stay indoors, but you need toilet paper. It can be really confusing to know what to do

and how to do it. SAMU’s Pantry is here to help! We provide students with food stretching recipes, so you are able to stay safe inside for as long as possible and enjoy some home cooked meals while you do it.


Soup, soup, soup!

You need to have a look around your cupboards and pantry to find what you have most of. If you have ever used the Pantry service before, you will definitely have a lot of soup. Soup is really great as it’s so quick and easy to cook. Put some water in, shove it on the stove and bam! It’s all done and good to eat. Also, soup can be frozen for up to three months! So if you don’t finish it then you can put it away and save it for another day.

To cook your soup always read the directions on the can. It will usually want you to add a can or more of water to the soup while it’s heating. Make sure you do this step slowly so the soup doesn’t get too runny.


More Soup!

Another use for soup is using it for a sauce. Cream of Mushroom soup works really well with meatballs. When making the soup sauce for your food, you do not need to add the water. The soup goes directly from the can to the pot on the stove at a medium heat. Once it’s boiling (the soup starts bubbling) it’s ready to go! You can pour it on top of your meatballs and can choose whatever side you’d like to go with your meatballs.

*You don’t just have to use meatballs. You can choose anything that you’d like!


Kraft Dinner Delight

Kraft Dinner is something that is cheap and easy. All you need is the box (which comes with pasta and the sauce) and then some milk and butter. Easy! But, if you want to spice up this recipe and make it a little different, you could try adding more butter and making it into an added extra. Brown some butter and throw some garlic in there. Pour that mixture on the KD, add a little extra cheese on top and you have a whole new dinner!

To make the butter garlic mixture, brown about a cup of butter in a pan. You will know you’ve cooked it well enough when the butter is past the point of melting and turns a brown colour. While your butter is cooking, chop up some garlic cloves and put those in with the butter and stir it all around to get that garlic taste. Then when the butter has finally browned, you can pour that all over the mac and cheese in your pot.

A little extra on top of that, is if you have some old stale bread just hanging around, crumble that on top and it gives it a nice extra crunch.

When making Kraft Dinner, always make sure to follow the directions on the box as it could vary. But first you will have to cook the pasta. Boil the water in a pot on the stove (make sure the water is bubbling so you know it’s boiled) and then pour your pasta in. Cook it in the water – while continuously stirring – for about 7-9 minutes. You’ll know it’s cooked when you bite into it and it doesn’t crunch. Then drain the water from the pot, and then this is where you add the cheese powder that comes in the box, your milk, and your butter. Stir all of these ingredients together and then you’ve made Kraft Dinner Mac and Cheese.


Get Baked

An easy go to is baked beans on toast. Baked beans are super easy to cook, just put them in a pot and let them heat up on the stove. Then put some bread in the toaster and you’re done! If you use whole grain bread this recipe is not only easy but also really healthy!

To cook your baked beans, you will need a pot and a stove. Pour your baked beans into the pot over medium heat and keep stirring. The sauce in the bean mixture will bubble when it is all ready to dish out.

Another way to cook your beans is to put them in a microwave safe dish and place in the microwave for 1 minute. After 1 minute if you do not feel like the beans are hot enough, keep adding 30 seconds until they are your desired temperature.


Get Scrambled

As well as baked beans, you can also have scrambled eggs on toast! If you have whole grain toast, this recipe is also really healthy.

*You can also add some cheese into your eggs for a little extra!

To make scrambled eggs you will need butter and eggs. Two eggs per person makes a good amount. First you get a pot and melt your butter in there. You do not need a lot of butter, just enough to get the bottom of the pot covered. Then once it is all melted, crack your eggs and let them fall into the pot. Let them sit for a little bit then start to stir once they start sticking. Then once you stir, make sure to keep stirring until there is no more liquid left at the bottom of the pot. Then dish them on to your toast!

** If you would like to add cheese to your scrambled eggs, you can throw in some shredded cheese during the stirring process.

All these recipes are quick and easy. They don’t take a lot of work and the clean-up is fast as well. Going out right now can be hard for a lot of people and SAMU wants everybody as safe as possible. All ingredients here can hopefully be found really fast in supermarkets if you do need to go out.


Stay safe and keep washing your hands!