Don’t Be a Tool, Use Them!

by on Aug 28th, 2019

Whether this is your first year of university or you’re a seasoned uni vet, this quick guide will teach you about a handful of MacEwan’s services you could be taking advantage of.

CDEL (Career Development)

Career Development and Experiential Learning (CDEL) is placed conveniently in building 7 right across from the Office of the Registrar. It houses most of the “real life” things you’re going to need to think (i.e. worry) about when you graduate. Things like resume and cover letter writing, how to search for jobs, tips on networking and so much more! CDEL is on campus to help students navigate what post-MacEwan life looks like. Though, it’s never too early to start thinking about it.

The first thing to note about CDEL is the Navigating My Career Journey course that students can enrol in on Blackboard. It is useful for understanding career development, and teaches effective strategies to help navigate your academics in order to reach your goals. Students are awarded a certificate after completing the course.

Another little known feature of CDEL is an incredibly useful job board called MacEwan Life. The board allows students to search for positions (both full- and part-time) according to the faculty or program they are attending. As a bonus, the job site also allows students to book appointments with CDEL, update their co-curricular record and search for volunteer opportunities.

Lastly, CDEL hosts a handful of events every year including the Graduate School fair, the Get to Work career fair and the Get Involved Volunteer Opportunities fair.  These fairs are some of the most valuable on-campus events for students on campus looking for opportunities in their fields. They are a great way to shake hands with some potential employers and start building your network.


The library is one of the best resources on campus. You can print, borrow or just hang out in quiet or collaborative zones. You might not know all of the student benefits of the library so here are a few to get you started.

If you are in need of a printer, then the library is the place for you. They offer a series of printers that you can use to print off those important papers and reports in a pinch. The full “How-To” is listed online and at the library printers (in building 6 close to the library doors). It really is cheaper than buying a printer.

The library offers more than printers though. Your MacEwan library card is your gateway to libraries across Canada. MacEwan is a member of the NEOS Library family, which means students have access to all NEOS libraries in Alberta. On top of that students have the option to register for an L-Pass, which gives full access to Edmonton’s Public Library network.

If Alberta wasn’t enough, students are entitled to get a COPPUL card from the MacEwan Borrower Services Desk. What is COPPUL? It is an agreement between a network of universities across Canada known as the Canadian University Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement (CURBA) allowing university members the ability to borrow materials even when they’re far from home.

You might be saying, “all of that is great, but what does the library have for me to borrow?” Did you know that you can borrow online resources with nothing more than your student ID? Well, now you know. MacEwan’s library also has an extensive collection of CD’s and DVD’s available for students to borrow. The library is good for more than books, movies and music though. Forgot your laptop? You can borrow one of those. Ipad? They’ve got you. You can even borrow a Go Pro if you need!

So, you might be better off asking what they don’t have.

Sports and Wellness

As a MacEwan student enrolled six or more credits per term, you pay a fee of $84 per term to the Sports and Wellness division. That fee gives you access to the fitness centre, drop-in fitness classes and the pool. So if you were thinking about hitting the gym before you hit the books, scan your student ID at the door. As a bonus, students also receive discounted rates on recreation programs, fitness testing (MacEwan offers COPAT and PARE/POPAT testing for future law enforcers), personal training and nutrition counseling.

If you’re looking for something more social, Sports and Wellness offer various sport leagues that run through each semester on specific weekdays (sport depends on the day). Student or non-student teams or individuals can register online before the registration deadline on Sept. 21, 2018.

Whether you’re looking for advice on your future, to borrow the latest Maclean’s or just to lift some heavy things — MacEwan’s got you covered.