Myles Dykes

by on Feb 27th, 2020

Myles Dykes
Bachelor of Arts, majoring political science and economics

Over the past year, I have served on Students’ Council where I was awarded Councillor of the Year award. On campus, I’ve been involved in multiple ways, through university committees, SAMU committees, and student groups. The skills that I have gained dur-ing my time in these roles have given me a profound understanding of how post sec-ondary impacts the student experience.

Students are in a particularly difficult scenario with the future of our education. With Al-bertan students facing issues with budget cuts, program accessibility, and tuition hikes, it is critical that student interests are being considered when policy is being deliberated. We need to ensure that students have a strong voice at the table, and I hope you elect me to be that voice.

For more information on my campaign, find me on Facebook and Instagram @mylesdykes.