Sean Waddingham

by on Feb 27th, 2020

Hello! I’m the current Vice President Academic of SAMU and I’m running to be President. I’ve been at MacEwan for years as an honours student, have been a Student Group executive, and am grateful to have served as SAMU VP Academic. I’m proud of accomplishing what I promised in last year’s campaign; a Fall Reading Week is now in place, the online tools for students that I spoke of are going to be finished this summer, and affordability advocacy has succeeded in numerous ways.

As President, I hope to achieve a new set of goals; I want to run information campaigns against harmful Advanced Education policies, help with completing and advertising the free textbook (OER) pilot project at MacEwan, and improve SAMU’s student outreach in tangible ways. For details on these campaign goals or any other questions, please check out my Facebook page, or email me at