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VPE By-Election


Gabriel Ambutong - Elected president

Hello! I’m Gabriel Ambutong (he/him). I’ve been a dedicated member of our Students’ Council since last year, and I’m honoured to serve my 2nd term as your elected representative. I’m looking forward to getting into law school with a major in Political Science. You might recognize me as the President of the Investment Club, Vice President Internal of the FentaNIL Project (overdose mitigation group), and a Founder and President of the Chess Fellowship Student Group. As demonstrated by my involvement, I believe in fostering an engaged community and enhancing the undergraduate experience. My priorities include financial stress alleviation, community engagement, and inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance programs. I have no doubt that my experiences will aid me in providing strategic oversight, championing good governance, and representing the Student Voice. YOU are my priority. Thank you!

JOSEPH A. LA TORRE - Elected VP Governance & Finance

Hello everyone! I am campaigning to be your SAMU Vice President Governance and Finance. Since our return to an in-person campus in the Fall 2021 semester, I’ve strived to be more active within the SAMU and MacEwan community, so I got involved in Students’ Council, Ambassador Program, First-Year Mentorship Program, Tour Guide Program, and I am a Founder and Executive of The Chess Fellowship, to name a few. From this involvement, I have gained skills like effective communication, facilitation of good governance, and organizational knowledge of SAMU and MacEwan. If elected, my goals are to prioritize the overall presence and accountability of SAMU’s elected representatives by reflecting that within updated policies, bylaws, or procedures, and continue to implement proper financial oversight to push forward the new frontier of MacEwan’s campus culture – resulting in the promotion that SAMU is an effective and impactful students’ association with students’ interests their top priority.

Cierra Jacobs - Elected VP Student Life

Hi, I’m Cierra Jacobs (she/her) and I am running for Vice President Student Life! I’m a first-generation learner in my third year, double majoring in psychology and philosophy. You may have seen me around campus attending Chess Fellowship events, SAMU events, and I am especially privileged to have been elected for Students’ Council this term. These experiences have drastically improved my undergrad experience post-covid and I believe every student can benefit from an involved university experience. I am drawn to the VPSL position because it is the point of contact for such non-academic services, programs, and events for SAMU students. If elected, I will utilize the leadership skills I’ve acquired to advocate for and improve the student experience. I hope to increase engagement in non-academic affairs and maintain a welcome community for all members of SAMU by listening to the student voice and promoting the accessibility to these resources.

Stephan Vasquez - Elected VP Academic

Hi there, I’m Stephan Vasquez and I’m rerunning to be your Vice President Academic. I’ve served this role from 2022-2023 and want to keep delivering evidence-based advocacy, increasing student affordability, and delivering more equity, diversity, and Inclusivity (EDI) initiatives on campus. Last term, I focused on increasing EDI and affordability at MacEwan. I launched or participated in generating several surveys & focus groups to determine what barriers or gaps to your financial security exist and how to best address them. These projects were the Tuition and Fees Focus group 2022, Indigenous Learner’s Circle project, and Student Affordability Response survey. Since 2022, I’ve worked on textbook affordability through the Textbook Cost-Indicator Program. I have worked with both faculty champions, my counterparts at other post-secondary institutions, and our library to create a road map to implementing this project for 2023. I’m hoping to continue this work as your VPA in 2023-2024!

JAKOB CARDINAL - Elected VP External


I am one of fourteen student councillors at our university and am running for Vice President External.

I have become involved in student governance to positively impact the lives of all students through policy change and decision-making.

I immensely enjoy my time on campus. Being a part of the Leadership and Review Committee and multiple student groups, including the chess, debate, supply chain, HURDE, and newly formed dragon boat racing club.

As a councillor, I have been made aware of the numerous student advocacy groups in Alberta, CAUS, ASEC and ab-GPAC. Meeting with and learning about these groups has led to invaluable information on my road to becoming Vice President External.

If elected, I know that I have the correct skill sets to effectively develop and implement the policy and political action required to meet & exceed the wants and needs of students here at MacEwan University.