Advertising Opportunities

The Students’ Association of MacEwan University offers many opportunities for advertising and sponsorship, and in turn, provides businesses and organizations with access to a large student audience. And because SAMU is a not-for-profit organization, your sponsorship goes directly to helping students by providing funding for programs, events and services throughout the year.


The Students’ Association of MacEwan University holds several events over the course of the academic year. These events range from scholarly keynotes to licensed concerts and generate a varied range of student interest. Some annual events at MacEwan University are Fall Fest, the initial music festival that welcomes students to campus; Stress Less, an on-campus festival geared at reducing student stress before finals; and SAMU Awards Night, the final awards ceremony for student volunteers within the MacEwan University community.

For information regarding event sponsorship, contact:

Jaime Beagan, Director of Programs & Services

Student Handbook

Developed by the Students’ Association of MacEwan University, the student handbook is an agenda given to every MacEwan student at the beginning of each academic year. The purpose is to inform students of MacEwan’s policies, services, and events all while offering them a useful organizational tool. Most students use their student handbooks on a daily basis over the course of the entire school year. The handbook contains a detailed calendar, information regarding financial aid, library services, academic policies, student rights and responsibilities, and a section dedicated to student discounts and offers.

With access to nearly 20,000 credited students, advertising in the student handbook guarantees a consistent level of exposure. And with a variety of advertising options, from printed coupons to full-page spreads, the student handbook is a durable way to share your brand with the college-age demographic.

For general information and to inquire about advertising in the Student Handbook, please contact:

Maria Shin, Administration and Retail Manager
T: 780-497-4738

Download the SAMU Handbook Media Kit 2021 for prices and opportunities.

the griff

the griff is MacEwan University’s monthly student magazine. It’s a place for aspiring writers, photographers, and illustrators to develop their skills, while bringing engaging content to the student-body. the griff is published by the Students’ Association of MacEwan University.

the griff serves a large student body. 1,500 copies of the griff are published each month and distributed across eight off-campus locations and 33 magazine stands across both MacEwan University campuses: City Centre Campus and Alberta College Campus. the griff will publish seven issues this academic year. Circulation and distribution is consistently recorded and assessed for readjustment.

For information regarding advertising in the griff, please contact:

CU Advertising

Bulletin Board Advertising

The Students’ Association of MacEwan University owns many bulletin boards throughout City Centre Campus. These boards are hung along MacEwan Way, MacEwan’s most highly circulated hall and in other areas of high traffic. Advertisers are not permitted to use these boards without permission from the Students’ Association. Bulletin board advertising is for sale on a weekly basis.

Poster Guidelines

For more information regarding bulletin board advertising, please contact:

SAMU Offices

Table Rentals

Are you a business looking to gain exposure on campus? Does the MacEwan student body fit your target demographic? Table rentals work especially well for establishing dialogue with passing students and gaining attention on a more personal basis.Table space can be rented in the main foyer or cafeteria in partnership with SAMU. for career fairs. This attracts a lot of interest due to the high traffic locations and varying display options.

Table Rental Agreement

For more information regarding table rentals, please contact:

Students’ Association of MacEwan University, SA-301