Message From the President – Alberta 2030 Review

by on Jan 26th, 2021

ATTN: MacEwan Students 

We have realized the tremendous risks that may arise from something called the Alberta 2030 Review. Beyond the budget cuts that we’re familiar with by now, the provincial government’s rollout of the Alberta 2030 review will have massive implications for post-secondary education. If you’ve heard of it, you may be concerned. 

Simply put, I’m posting this to tell you that, yes, you should be concerned. 

For some background: 

We don’t know exactly what the review will propose yet, but many troublesome policies have been mentioned. Among the wide range of proposals, the more extreme possibilities are bad news. Proposals include: 

  • Tuition deregulation: Students have long depended on tuition regulation to keep education affordable. Deregulation could directly lead to higher tuition fees 
  • Sector-level boards: Consolidating governing boards into sector-level structures could remove the independence of the university, among other issues 
  • Work-integrated learning: this has the potential to be good for students 

Though SAMU and our umbrella organization, CAUS, opposed the first two ideas listed above in consultation sessions, it appears that both are still possible, against our input as a stakeholder group. 

Why is it important to stay informed? Well, at this early stage, we are looking into options around a petition and a mailing list. From this, we are planning to build off of grassroots support to plan future info-sharing and events.

Therefore, if you are interested in continued updates on this topic and our advocacy, please send a simple email expressing interest to me at, and stay tuned for future updates. 

TL;DR: We might be in trouble as post-secondary students in Alberta. Hopefully this post can help you all as students to understand why, what’s at stake, and how you can help.