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SAMU Gray Gallery Presents Moments Recaptured

About the Exhibit

For this exhibition, my work reflects on my family’s past and how this affects my personal identity as an aspiring artist. Three out of four of these works are paintings based off of old polaroid photo portraits of my family members. A lot of the time, recapturing these old portraits through the medium of painting allows me to feel more connected to my family during a time that is not currently accessible to me. Each painting is rendered quite realistically with some exploration of colour in order to bring these past moments back to life.

The first piece, ‘Splash’, is a portrait of my maternal grandfather swimming. Despite never meeting my grandfather, he has played a significant role in me pursuing art. As a photographer, my grandfather is one of the only family members other than myself to pursue an artistic practice. My second portrait ,’Volkswagen For Sale’, is another portrait of my grandfather. The third portrait, ‘Washing Up’ is of my mother around the age I am today. My mother has played a strong influence in my strong work ethic as an artist. Finally, I have a self portrait, ‘Introspection’. By including myself along with the young portraits of my grandfather and my mother, this is a display of each of our generations linked together, and how my past family influences have informed who I am today.

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About the Artist

Gwynne McMaster is a multidisciplinary artist whose current practice involves motion, memories, and mundane moments. Gwynne aims to connect with her audience through visual storytelling using the mediums of traditional animation, painting, drawing, and film. Gwynne is particularly drawn to cinema and the notion that art can be brought to life on screen. Along with this, Gwynne’s work is inspired by the Canadian outdoor environment that surrounds her, as well old family photographs. In 2017, Gwynne won the Fort Saskatchewan Art in and Public Places Award (Youth Category) for her Painting, Old Barn. On multiple occasions from 2017-2019, Gwynne also had her paintings displayed at Fort Saskatchewan City Hall. Gwynne is currently in her final semester of her Fine Arts Diploma at Macewan University and will be attending Vancouver Film School for classical animation this following September.

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Volkswagon For Sale


Washing Up





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