Take Care of Yourself Blog

by on Mar 26th, 2019

Finals are a stressful time. Frankly, the only thing more stressful than exams, is the stress of worrying that you’re going to do poorly because you’re too stressed to focus on studying. Luckily there are a handful […]

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Couch Potato Guide Volume Two: The Couchening

by on Feb 12th, 2019

Another February, another reading break. As students, that means it’s time to prep for all of the upcoming exams and term papers, or to revel because you actually get some time to relax during this busy time […]

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Date Night on a Budget Blog

by on Feb 11th, 2019

Valentine’s day can be tough for students. Christmas and the New Year festivities were barely a month ago and as a student, disposable income is not always a luxury. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save […]

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V for Vacation Blog

by on Jan 29th, 2019

This Reading Break, you might be itching to get somewhere warmer, maybe you’re even going on SAMU’s Cuba trip. Regardless of where you go (or stay) here are a few tips to make sure you’re prepared for […]

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