Weeping Wallet Syndrome: A Textbook Affair

by on Sep 4th, 2019

You’ve been prepping for weeping wallet syndrome since you saw your acceptance letter (congratulations by the way) but then you saw that Biology 107 textbook and DAMN! The realization sets in that if you have to buy […]

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Spill the Beans: A Guide to MacEwan Coffee

by on Nov 20th, 2018

Welcome (back) to MacEwan University. Here you will learn that coffee (or tea) is the lifeblood of students. Functioning without the daily jolt can be challenging. This blog is going to give you the pros and cons […]

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Don’t Be a Tool, Use Them!

by on Aug 28th, 2019

Whether this is your first year of university or you’re a seasoned uni vet, this quick guide will teach you about a handful of MacEwan’s services you could be taking advantage of. CDEL (Career Development) Career Development […]

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Game On Blog

by on Jan 16th, 2019

Whether it’s date night, game night, party night or just a bunch of people in a room, there’s always a perfect game just waiting to be played with friends or loved ones. It’s a fun, interactive and […]

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