Programs & Services

The Students’ Association is fundamentally committed to your well being. By paying Association fees, you’re entitled to not only great on-campus events, but you’re also offered a wide-range of services that benefit your experience at MacEwan! Here are a list of SAMU programs and services you should know about.

  • the griff

    the griff is MacEwan University’s student paper. The griff is funded by student fees and is considered a service under the Students’ Association of MacEwan University. Currently, the magazine publishes seven magazines between September and April. Find out more

  • Students’ Lounge

    Student space can be hard to come by on City Centre Campus. That’s where we come in. Brought to you by SAMU, The Students’ Lounge is located in Room 7 – 297 and offers students a space to study, relax and hang out. Find out more

  • SAMU Cares

    The SAMU Cares program is a student charity run by SAMU, in partnership with the Student Affairs Office, that provides financial assistance to MacEwan University students and their families during the Christmas and Easter holidays. Find out more

  • Student Advocacy Office

    The Student Advocacy office at SAMU helps students navigating through the policies and procedures at MacEwan University. They provide assistance with both academic appeals and non-academic matters, as well as advocating for change to university policies on behalf of all students. Find out more

  • Community & Lifestyle

    SAMU’s Community program aims to create a healthy campus culture that educates, motivates, and empowers students to create and maintain a positive change personally, locally and globally. Our mission is to provide students opportunities to learn more about sustainable practices, as well as creating social awareness on campus through various activities. Find out more

  • Student Refugee

    Each year, student fees go towards supporting the tuition and housing of an international student refugee. Selected based both on need and fit, the student refugee becomes immersed in life at MacEwan – a stark contrast to the realities of living in a refugee camp. SAMU is incredibly proud to support this program. Find out more

  • The Gray Gallery

    SAMU’s Gray Gallery houses student art initiatives. The gallery, named after the late Dorothy Gray, acts as a retreat within the university and a space for the appreciation and sharing of student art works. Students can apply with their own exhibit proposals to display their art in the gallery during the school-year. Find out more

  • The Breakfast Club

    SAMU understands it's hard to operate on an empty stomach. To ensure students have the sustenance they need to start their day, SAMU’s Breakfast Club offers a healthy breakfast for participating students on a semi-monthly basis. Find out more

  • Health & Dental

    All full-time students paying Students’ Association fees are covered under the SAMU Health & Dental plan provided by Gallivan Insurance. Learn everything you need to know about the plan, including opting out if you have alternative coverage, opting back in, and how to make claims. Find out more

  • UPass

    Voted for by students, the U-Pass is a mandatory service that provides each full-time student with discounted transportation during the school year. The U-Pass offers students access to all Edmonton Transit Services, as well as St. Albert Transit and Strathcona County Transit lines. Find out more

  • SAM Centre

    The SAM Centre is your hub for all Students’ Association gear, discounted tickets, and printing services. Located right by the City Centre Cafeteria, the SAM Centre also sells student-made gifts, music and art. Find out more

  • Clubs

    Home to over 80 clubs, SAMU is committed to helping students connect with their peers through established clubs, or by helping them start a club of their own. Clubs provide a place to explore ideas, advocate for causes, and create community through activities. Find out more

  • Peer Support

    Peer Support is students helping students. Volunteers provide a confidential space where students can talk about their troubles in a safe environment, and access resources from MacEwan University and the Edmonton area. Find out more

  • Student Food Bank

    The SAMU Student Food Bank helps subsidize the cost of groceries by providing students with food hampers in times of need. Learn more about the accessing the food bank or how to donate. This service is confidential. Find out more

  • Safe Walk

    SAMU Safe Walk is a volunteer-based service that assists students walking to their cars, bus stops or to the LRT station after dark. Safe Walk works to reduce risk and be a deterrent for crime and theft through our hourly walks through campus. Safe Walk hours, when operational, are Monday through Thursday, 5:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Find out more