Student Group Listings

4th Year Social Work Group

This will be a fourth year social work club.

Accounting Club

The MacEwan University Accounting Club (MUAC) aims to be a primary resource for accounting students. We provide students with networking opportunities, workshops, and support as they progress through post-secondary and transition into the workforce.

Acupuncture Awareness Society’s

The purpose of this club is to educate people about acupuncture, Raise general awareness regarding the benefits of Traditional Chinese medicine, Support students in the Acupuncture Program, Provide students, staff, and the community with alternative methods of healing through Traditional Chinese Medicine.

African Caribbean Student Alliance

This club works to enhance African heritage and pride by using education and showcasing African culture in a transparent and non-judgmental way. The African Caribbean Student Alliance encourages students to step out of their comfort zone, expand their horizons, and challenge their world views. It is the club’s mandate to Encourage, Appreciate, and showcase diversity.



AIESEC enables young people to develop their leadership through learning from practical experiences in challenging environments.  This is done with our exchange program focused on a cross-cultural understanding in alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. As a School of Business Club, we adapt to the entrepreneurial and internship development on a local and global scale, along with our volunteer opportunities open to everyone of all backgrounds and experiences.
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Animanga Club

The MacEwan Animanga Club provides an open environment for discussion and enjoyment of Anime and Manga, and promotes Japan’s fastest growing entertainment industry.

Anthropological Studies Society

M.A.S.S.  is a special interest group with a focus towards anthropology in all respects: cultural, archaeological, linguistic and biological. The club is a public group appealing to general interests with an anthropological slant.

M.A.S.S. does not hold its members to any obligation to attend events, and the majority of our events are free to attend (if there is a cost we keep it as minimal as possible, provide an extended notification of the cost, and also tend to offer opportunities to win entry from contests as well).

We put on several fun events open to club members as well as to the public, while we also offer more specific academic resources in regards to helping anthropology students gain exposure to various fields in anthropology.

Athletes In Action

Athlete’s In Action is an inclusive club that focuses mainly on post-secondary athletes at Macewan who are interested in pursuing their faith in sports.

Autism Awareness Club

The Autism Awareness Club is an advocacy club that strives to raise awareness for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) on campus. We will host multiple events, fundraise and provide volunteer support for the Centre For Autism Services Alberta. Our goals are to help reduce stigma, alleviate some of the misconceptions and be allies to those on the spectrum- as well as to those with various mental health issues, and cultivate a safe and inclusive environment for like- minded individuals.

Bolo Tie Collective

The Bolo Tie Collective is a creative writing community for aspiring and established writers, editors, and publishers. We host a variety of literary events, including editing crash courses, author panels, and skills courses, along with two writing workshops a month. In addition, we also produce an annual student anthology of creative works, including short fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.

Book Club

Botanical Club

We are mainly an event-based club. Simply give us your MacEwan email and we will email you when we have a cool, plant-themed event taking place! Our club is for biologists, gardeners, or really anyone who has a general interest in plants. You do NOT need to be an experienced gardener or botanist. We even have a group forum to help trouble-shoot any plant related issues you run into.
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BSCN Nursing Grad 2020

BSCN Nursing Grad 2019

B.Social Work Grad Committee 

BSW Grad Committee

Canadian Nursing Students Association

Now, how does this relate to you? As a MacEwan nursing student, you are already a member of the CNSA thanks to a 10 dollar fee in your tuition. As a member, you have access to scholarships and travel opportunities. We attend two conferences every year. The one in October is in Abbotsford, BC and the National Conference in Montreal this year!

Even though conferences are exciting, we function in much smaller ways as well. As a MacEwan chapter, we have a focus on helping our new students feel comfortable and supported in the program. To do this, we have created a mentorship program that is designed to match you with a 3rd or 4th-year student who has similar priorities and availability as you. Watch your emails for the application forms and deadlines. We also have a tradition of hosting a new student mixer. This semester it’s being held on September 11 at 3:00 pm in room 9-208. We have a panel of students who want to answer all of your questions and share some survival tips they wish they knew in their first year!

We also put a priority on giving back to our school and our community. We host several events throughout the year that aim at bringing together nursing students from all years; both in educational and social settings. In our community, we regularly volunteer with Meals on Wheels and Kiwanis, a senior housing facility.

Catholics on Campus

We are a student lead group in partnership with CCO Connect.

CCO’s Mission Statement: Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) is a university student movement dedicated to evangelization. We challenge students to live in the fullness of the Catholic faith with a strong emphasis on becoming leaders in the renewal of the world.

As a CCO Connect school, our Co-Presidents have weekly meetings with a missionary at CCO for guidance in leading a CCO group at MacEwan.

Change Making Initiative Club

The Change Making Initiative (CMI) of MacEwan University is a group of students and executives who organize volunteer opportunities, as well as opportunities to go out into the community to promote positive change. We believe that our club is unique from any other club that you could join at MacEwan University because it is an inclusive space that stretches across academic disciplines. Sociology Major? Anthropology? Biology? Business? It doesn’t matter. We want students to come together as a collective to bring forth change in the community through volunteerism, advocacy, and leadership. We want to make MacEwan University a part of the community and provide opportunities for new and returning students as well as encourage students to get involved at MacEwan. Through the CMI, we will be planning events with local community organizations, creating care packages for people in need, and organizing events that raise awareness for individuals at risk. By encouraging students to get more involved within MacEwan University and the community we believe that students will benefit more from their educational experience, learning more about themselves, opportunities that are available to them, and what they’re capable of

Child and Youth Care Club Degree

A group of nice people doing nice things. Welcome to the MacEwan Child and Youth Care Club for the Degree Program. Are you a third or fourth year CYC student? Do you like going to events? Do you want to get to know other CYC students in other cohorts? Do you like fun? Then this is the club for you. With 2-3 events per semester, the CYC Club offers events between cohorts without demanding too much commitment.

Child and Youth Care Club Diploma

A group of nice people doing nice things. Welcome to the MacEwan Child and Youth Care Club for the Diploma Program. Are you a first or second year CYC student? Do you like going to events? Do you want to get to know other CYC students in other cohorts? Do you like fun? Then this is the club for you. With 2-3 events per semester, the CYC Club offers events between cohorts without demanding too much commitment. Join our club and enter into the space between with us and enjoy fun times with other non-selves.

Chinese Bible Study Fellowship Club

MacEwan Chinese Bible Study Fellowship is a student’s club with the purpose of evangelism and building relationship connection (especially with international students from China)P.S. Chinese food will be provided during routine events.

Chinese Students and Scholars

Chinese Students and Scholars Association hosts a Chinese Cultural Events at MacEwan.

Circle K International Club

Circle K International is a collegiate level of Kiwanis International, which is a nonprofit organization that works to help the local and international Community. We provide volunteer opportunities for students as well as holding social events for meeting new friends.

Climate Justice MacEwan Club

Feeling climate anxiety and want to do something about it? Are you frustrated at the lack of global action on climate change despite scientist consensus? Are you interested in the intersections of climate change and other social issues? Look no further. Our mission is to engage students in community building, political organizing and climate science through unique volunteer opportunities and social events. Our vision is to create a grassroots community that promotes leadership and democracy, in line with climate justice and freedom from oppression. This club is open to everyone, with any level of experience.
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Commerce Club

We are a passionate group of students, with a vision to support and provide resources to our fellow peers. Our holistic approach to events and content are aimed to shed light on the emerging levels of business innovation, inclusive to all majors. This year we will be focusing on providing resources to different online networking events to help students build up their network and stay connected during these unprecedented times. As a result, we hope these necessary tools and resources will assist them in excelling and expanding their portfolio not only in the business world; however, life in general as well. We aim to provide educational opportunities to students so they feel confident in their careers after graduation. Additionally, we aspire to get students connected to different industry leaders and companies to help fast track their career paths using connections and providing opportunities to improve their networking and interpersonal skills. Our team is a distinguished group in which we always want to see each other thrive and excel every single day. At MUCC we work diligently together and combine strengths to excel on personal and group related projects. This specific club allows members of the team to try out different roles within the club and take the technical knowledge learned in class and apply it to applicable projects. We value teamwork, dedication, and a positive attitude. It is our goal to provide members with confidence when it comes to improving their business soft-skills, personal development, an enhanced network, and communication skills.

Consulting Club

Here at the Consulting Club we will be hosting a variety of events such as, networking opportunities, social nights, and case competitions.  Open to all faculties, the Consulting Club will focus on building workplace skills such as public speaking, critical analysis, time management and more!

Debate Club

The purpose of this club is to create a safe space which allows for the thoughtful discussion of conflicting and polarizing topics that are pertinent to our society.

Design Students Organization

We are a club aiming to foster community for all creatives alike and help bridge the gap from academia to the design industry.

EarnedIt BSCN Nursing Grad 2019

This is a grad club for students in nursing that are graduating in 2019. We organize a graduation celebration for our students.

Economics Club

We are MacEwan students dedicated to the promotion of economics and the examination of economics issues at MacEwan University. That might sound boring to most people but we do our best to show the funny, interesting side of economics; don’t worry we are friendly people who often have snacks.

Entrepreneurs Organization

MEO focuses on inspiring students and providing them with the opportunity and resources to become an entrepreneur. This year, MEO’s initiative is to promote inter-disciplinary collaboration and social innovation initiatives to MacEwan students.




E- Sports

For game play with a more competitive focus than general use VGC! Fighting Games, Strategy Games, and one on one brawls… this is where the top players meet and are judged!

Evening Social Work Circle

The Evening Social Work Circle is a group established to provide student life and support to part-time social work students.

Feminists at MacEwan

Formed in 2012, Feminists at MacEwan University is a club that works to foster community for marginalized minorities, work actively for social justice and feminism, and provide education and awareness. Goals are intersectional oriented and aimed towards equitable equality. This club endeavours to be a face for local feminists and social justice activists, so as to spread awareness, ensure respect and safety, and provide education.

Filipino Community Club

MacEwan University Filipino Community Club is a club created for Filipino students and students who are interested in learning about the culture. Members can practice their culture and language outside of classrooms while gaining friends

Film Club

MacEwan Film Club is an organization established to bring students and faculty members together through critical engagement with film. We will be holding screenings, performing analyses and holding open discussions throughout the year! All are welcome!


Macewan Fine Arts Club

Are you interested in being more involved in Edmonton’s arts community? Do you want to meet fellow student artists? Then we might be the club for you! Join us as we go to local exhibitions, host workshops, and support fellow students who are showing their work. Remember, you don’t need to be a Fine Arts student to join our club – you just have to be interested in art!


French Club of MacEwan University

Members can practice their French.

Game Development Club

The MacEwan Game Development Club is a community where people can come out and learn the skills used to make video and board games. Whether you’re an artist, programmer, writer, or musician, we’ll help you develop your skills and network with the fantastic community in Edmonton!

Gamers Association of MacEwan University (GAMU)

Our meetings are drop in drop out so don’t worry if you can’t make the whole thing! We also have a Discord server where our latest news is posted and our teams work on projects outside of the meetings.

Do you like board games, card games, MTG and more? This club is open to anyone and is a drop-in and leave at anytime club. We have a large selection of games in which we bring out a few each week. It doesn’t matter if you have never played these games, we are here to help and we will go over how to play. This club is intended for people to play games, have fun, make new friends, and help ‘de-stress’. You are also welcome to bring your own games from home.

Geek Inclusivity Group

At Geek Inclusivity, we make sure that people of all backgrounds feel comfortable and included. Geek Inc. is a place to make friends, de-stress from school and have fun with fellow geeks. We are a social group where people of diverse nerdy interests connect and celebrate pop culture. We run a variety of events, commonly featuring board and video games, trivia and movies.



Harm Reduction Club

Health Professional Club

Health Promotion Club

The mandate of the MacEwan Health Promotion Club (MHP) is to promote and educate the student body about health concerns that surround us locally, as well as, providing the most vulnerable individuals in our community and abroad with access to basic needs and medical care. Since our inception, we have been busy organizing events on campus and in the community in order to build awareness about global health, local social issues and have even hosted a speaker series on the effects of poverty on youth health. In addition to being an ambassador to various health disciplines, our club will also be introducing fun activities each month to enhance the member’s experience within our club and to build lasting friendships.

Hip Hop Dance Club

MUDC is the first Post-Secondary dance club of its kind in Edmonton where we provide K-Pop, Urban Choreography and Breaking for any level!

We aspire to be a platform where dancers can continue dance while in school, or help anyone discover a hidden love for dance!

History and Classics Club

The MacEwan History and Classics Club is a group of passionate students who wish to discuss the disciplines of history and classics in a critical way. All while ensuring that the environment feels safe and comfortable for students, and providing a space where all stories can be heard. To do this we often hold small events like movie viewings, pub events, trivia nights and more in order to foster a connection and a rapport with the student body population at Macewan, while also having fun while we are at it.

Human Resources Club (MHRC)

MHRC provides opportunities that allow students to gain insight into the business community, show the benefits that human resources as an industry can provide to all aspects of business, and connect students with dedicated professionals that can mentor and guide them as they prepare to enter the industry. Annually, we host a Speed Networking Mixer, LinkedIn Competition,  Resume Review Workshop, Mentorship Program, and Conference, with a variety of smaller scale events in between. We believe in working with students and professionals to create meaningful, mutually beneficial, and long-lasting relationships between both the academic and professional communities.

Ignite Computer Science Club

Improv Club

The Improv Club at MacEwan University is dedicated to bringing people together under the banner of Improv. Zero experience is needed. You don’t need to be outgoing, you don’t even need to attend MacEwan, You just have to enjoy improv. Invite your friends and come out, and see what we are all about.

Indian Club

Indigenous Student Club

From bake sales to comedy events, the MacEwan Indigenous Students Club sets up events for fun to be had by all! Whether it be Indian Tacos or just a movie night, MISC welcomes everyone to come out and enjoy some quality time with some friendly faces


InQueeries strives to create a safe space in which all members may discuss and lecture issues relevant to the GSRM (Gender, Sexuality and Romantic Minorities) community and socialize with other GSRM community members and allies.


InterVarsity at MacEwan University exists to provide a space for MacEwan University students to learn about God and develop personal relationships with Him. We are a Christian group that strives to generate conversation that uplifts believers and unbelievers alike and piques interest in discovering who God is and who we are to Him. Through public events, we build meaningful relationships with our community and show them what the love of Jesus looks like firsthand. Our group meets regularly to study the Bible, encourage each other in prayer and worship, and demonstrate God’s love in fellowship with one another. Anyone is welcome to join us, regardless of religious background, to hang out, raise questions about Christianity, and meet new people!


Investment Club

The MacEwan Investment Club was created to ensure all students are fluent in financial literacy and are capable of managing their personal finances in order to achieve financial freedom. The MacEwan Investment Club also dives heavily into the stock market and educates students on how the stock market runs and what to look out for when considering trades. With the help of our faculty advisor, Pat McGuinness, we have compiled a year full of valuable information to share with our club members. Our club is inclusive to all students and all that is required is the desire for financial freedom. 





Jack.Org MacEwan MacEwan is a connected to the National charity that connects youth around the country who are focused on breaking the stigma around mental health. In our chapter  we focus on facilitating discussion, organizing activities and having events for students to be a part of. We have weekly meetings some of which are topic focused, training, and/or fun artistic activities to help with team building, de-stressing and self-expression. This club is important because we are another resource for students to talk about their well being, learn about other resources and supports and be a safe space on campus to have fun and be comfortable sharing experiences or concerns with.

Latter Day Saints Students Organization

Law Club

The MacEwan University Law Club is dedicated to helping students succeed with their Law School Admission Test by providing them with the necessary resources, such as LSAT prep-tests and access to helpful books as well. Additionally, we provide students with weekly study sessions where they can quietly study with the resources we have provided, or they can interact with other students who are also interested in Law.

Learning ASL at MacEwan Club

We noticed that there is a demand. Students at MacEwan want to learn American Sign Language but it’s not offered as a class. This club aims to help teach ASL to its members and to facilitate communication in a number of forms. ASL will help our members in their everyday, professional, and personal lives.

Live Music Club

We are dedicated to providing local student musicians with the opportunity to experience performing in safe, professional environments, and be paid for their art. We value the growth of local art in our community and strive to provide students with a thriving local music scene, both affordable and available to students, and proactive for musicians.

MacEwan Diabetes Awareness Club

Our Mission is to:,Educate the public on the most recent research about diabetes, Raise money for diabetes research- Meet new people and have fun!.You don’t need to be diabetic to join this group

MacEwan University Japanese Club

Join us to meet people from Japan, practice Japanese, play games or just make new friends.

MacEwan University In Motion

Dance Club for Advanced Dancers!

MacEwan University NDP

We are a group affiliated with Alberta’s NDP, your provincial Official Opposition. The purpose of this club is to recruit students interested in Alberta’s NDP and get them involved with the party through events, meetings, and volunteer opportunities, and to provide a space for New Democrats and supporters of Rachel Notley on campus to connect with each other.

MacEwan University Vietnamese Student Alliance

MUVSA aims to act as a safe, inclusive space for all Vietnamese students in MacEwan University, where they can interact with other Vietnamese students, take pride in their culture and share it to other students on campus, and give back to other Vietnamese non-profit organizations, both locally and internationally.

Whether you are an international student, a Vietnamese-Canadian, or a non-Vietnamese interested in our unique culture, MUVSA welcomes everyone with open arms as we strive to build a tight-knit

MacEwan’s Aspiring Physicians

MacEwan Computer Science Club (MaCS)

We help you emerge into the local tech scene, by keeping you informed about interesting educational talks/workshops, as well as local networking events and job opportunities. Need to de-stress? Come and get to know other Comp. Sci. students at one of our many social events, Or, join our basketball and dodgeball teams!

Marketing Club

Market your Future with MUMC

Let one of the largest business clubs at MacEwan market your future by providing you hands on business experience. Each executive specialize in a type of marketing that allows students to have their first entry level experience, no matter how much they know. Our team runs programs involving social media marketing, email marketing, digital marketing, branding, and event coordination. To learn more and meet our quickly growing team, check out our website.

Massage Therapy Club

A group focused on helping massage students throughout their program by providing an outside to our class community. The massage club also focuses on helping the wellbeing of all students on the MacEwan campus using various events held around campus. Through these times of such adversity, the massage club hopes to bring positivity everyday to the students it supports and reminds them that our team is here to help. And to remind them that, together we got this!

Math And Stats Club

Meditation Club

Meditation At Macewan is a student-run spiritual and wellness club that seeks to introduce basic meditation skills to Macewan students and staff in a safe, welcoming environment. Our meetings vary from 30 minutes to an hour and include meditation and some time for socialization. Also, this is a non-denominational club, and all are welcome!

This is a safe space for people of all faiths, cultures, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender

Multi-Faith Room, Bldg. 7-161

Mondays & Tuesdays 11:00-12 Drop in guided meditation

Muslim Students Organization (MSO)

The Muslim Student Organization of MacEwan University Purpose: The MSO aims to foster an understanding of Islam among the student and staff populations at MacEwan University, by countering stereotypes about Islam and Muslims through dialogue and action. The MSO also seeks to form a supportive community to the Muslims who are on campus, by offering services such as knowledge circles to help them stay connected to their faith, social gatherings to connect with like minded students, and giving them a voice by advocating on their behalf to the MacEwan University. The MSO will also act to be a positive force in the Muslim and non-Muslim wider community, fostering partnerships with other Islamic organizations, interfaith groups, or any other organization that will benefit the community.


This group will provide an opportunity for MacEwan Students to learn about German Culture.

Paralegal Studies Group

The purpose of this group is to bring together students who are studying in the paralegal program. We are planning to bring in guest speakers, industry professionals in the field of paralegal studies.


PennyDrops is a student-run non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of financial education in Canada. Our mission is to ensure that all Canadian students have the knowledge and confidence to make informed financial decisions post-graduation. With the financial backing of BMO, PennyDrops is paving the way to financial freedom for students coast-to- coast.

Pre-Med Club

Radio Club

This group is for students who are interested in radio and news.

Real Estate Club

The MacEwan Property Management and Real State clubs’ purpose, is to connect interested students with experts that work within the various fields of real estate. From successful Real estate agents, to property managers, and even potential investors; the MacEwan Property Management and Real State club, seeks to connect students with some of these professionals. Along with providing professional connections for students after they graduate, our club also seeks to provide students with hands on, experiential learning. With charitable organizations always seeking aid on projects throughout the city, part of our clubs initiative is to aid these charitable organizations, with the skills we’ll learn.

Rotaract Club

Macewan Rotaract is a volunteer group that focuses on service above self. We do lots of local volunteering (Hope Mission, Edmonton Food Bank, etc) and raise money for international initiatives. We also provide professional development speakers to help us learn about public speaking, confidence, etc. And of course, plenty of socials!


Reel Deal Film Club

This club unites students with an interest in video editing, acting, directing, videography, screen writing or anything in between. We want to bring students together to create their own films, behind the scenes processes of film making along the way.

Schizophrenia Awareness

This student group is open to any student. We will be doing fundraising to raise money for a scholarship fund that goes to students with schizophrenia. In general this is a social group that welcomes any student who want to have fun and get to know more people. We will have information sessions, pamphlets, and other activities.

Social Work Circle 2022

This group is for the students in the Evening Social Work Circle (2nd Year)

Socialist Fightback Club At MacEwan University

Socialist Fightback is at MacEwan University! Join us for political discussion at our evening events, bring your questions and have theoretical discussion at our reading groups, and come on out and join our year-round rally contingents!


Welcome to the Society of Physics, Earth Sciences, and Chemistry, also known as SOPEC!

This a group meant to bring awareness to and enthusiasm about the three disciplines that make up the Physical Sciences major.

Our events center around any related physical sciences topics, which encourage networking between students and professors and learning in an engaging fashion.

Have a great school year!

South Sudanese Student’s Alliance

The South Sudanese Students’ Alliance is a group that aims to unite and provide a collective space that is open to all who are interested in the history and culture of South Sudan.

We host events and get-togethers to bring back a sense of familiarity (home).

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club is an all-inclusive community that seeks to share aspects of the Spanish language and cultures with fellow admirers of the language, whether students of it or not. The main goal is to enjoy sharing and exploring the food, music, cinema, games, culture, history, and anything else our members’ would like to celebrate del Mundo Español (of the Spanish world). We will continue on our mission to aid newcomers of the language by hosting a (virtual) meeting place outside of class for students to ask questions, help others, and learn new things. We try to learn the fun way- by watching shows and listening to that Latin heat, by trying to talk about them in Spanish (and of course in English as well); we make mistakes and then laugh at them. How else do you learn a language? The club has some exciting new projects in the works but is most motivated by the desires of our members. If you have an inquisitive mind and want to experience some of the cultures, learn about the language and maybe meet some amigos along the way, check us out at the links below.

Student Psychology Network

The Student Psychology Network (SPN) is a club for those interested in the field of psychology. Through collaboration with colleagues and faculty, SPN aims to better student life by providing a forum of services and aid. From mentoring to guest speakers and other psych-related events, our goal is to create relationships that will assist individuals through their years at MacEwan.

Tabletop RPG Club

Unlike other clubs we do not have a regular meeting date. We exist to enable people to find other people interested in playing Tabletop RPGs, as such we take people who are prospective DMs and book them rooms and allow them to run a campaign.

If you are interested and want to know more either email or check out our Facebook.

United Nations Club:

Video Game Club: