Student Group Listings

Accounting Club

The goal of the Accounting Club is to improve the student experience and ease the transition from student to professional life for those pursuing a career in accounting. We plan on doing this with a focus on peer-based support and by promoting academic and community participation.

Acupuncture Awareness Society

The purpose of the Acupuncture club is to educate people about acupuncture and raise general awareness regarding the benefits of traditional Chinese Medicine.

African Caribbean Student Alliance (ACSA)

This club works to enhance African heritage and pride by using education and showcasing African culture in a transparent and non-judgmental way. The African Caribbean Student Alliance encourages students to step out of their comfort zone, expand their horizons, and challenge their world views.


AIESEC at MacEwan is a club dedicated to promoting student-friendly exchange opportunities to youths. Our exchanges are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and happen throughout the year, so there is an opportunity for everyone! Our dedicated members consult with organizations around the world to find opportunities applicable to a variety of skills and fields of study. With our exchanges, we enable young people to develop their leadership through learning from practical experiences in challenging environments.

Animanga Club

The MacEwan Animanga Club provides an open environment for discussion and enjoyment of Anime and Manga, and promotes Japan’s fastest growing entertainment industry. Meetings are held weekly, and include presentations by a member on a Manga or Anime related topic.

Asia Pacific Club

The Asia Pacific Club will exist to provide exciting and unique opportunities for students who are part of or wish to enroll in Asia Pacific Management. The club will strive to bring students together to further their education, provide fundraising opportunities and increase awareness of the Asia Pacific Management program.

A Zesty Club 

A Zesty Club focuses on the life and needs of a student. This includes rooms to study in all week long and hopefully a support system of fellow peers studying along with them.

Bolo Tie Collective

Are you a writer? This club could be for you! The Bolo Tie Collective provides a place for student writers to improve and hone their skills while providing and receiving constructive criticism from their peers. The club hopes to provide an outlet for students to be able to share their creative works while integrating their skills into their academics. Join today and you can help them accomplish the vision of creating a publication at MacEwan!

Book Club

We have found that there is a love of literature at MacEwan and within some existing clubs. We hope to encourage that and introduce readers to like-minded people and great books.

Botanical Club of MacEwan University

This club will provide a forum for all MacEwan University students who are interested in plant biology, evolution, and gardening to gather in and discuss ideas and tips in their topic of interest. We will also attempt to educate people on the importance of plants in human society and how they directly relate to human well-being and health. We welcome people from all faculties and disciplines to join us in this dive into the mysterious and fascinating world of plants.

BSCN Grad 2019

BSW Grad Committee

We wanted to plan a celebration for 4th year social work students after graduation to commemorate our achievements in a way that is appealing and meaningful to our peers.

Campus Alpha

Campus Conservatives Club

The purpose of the club is to provide a platform for students with an interest in politics to meet like-minded individuals from MacEwan and get involved in the political process through election campaigns, party activities, and Conservative activism in general. The club will work to enhance student understanding of provincial political topic and to develop conservative thought on campus, providing a more balanced academic environment.

Canadian Blood Services Club

Although students are able to donate blood on campus, they might only do so when Canadian Blood Services comes to campus once per semester. This student initiative group hopes to change that by raising more awareness for blood donation on campus and encouraging students to donate. Help them to raise awareness and donate blood!

Canadian Nursing Students Association (CNSA)

The Canadian Nursing Students’ Association (CNSA) is the national voice of Canadian nursing students. They are the Grant MacEwan Chapter that represents the interests and passions of students studying to be Registered Nurses. Registered Psychiatric Nurses, as a member of MacEwan CNSA, you have the opportunity to interact with other nursing students on educational, professional, and social levels.

Catholic Christian Outreach

Change Making Initiative

The CMI is an inclusive space for students to find and create opportunities and connections for social engagement. We are committed to making a difference and inspiring positive action meaningful change through volunteerism, advocacy and leadership. We are focused on making MacEwan University a part of the Edmonton community and encouraging new and returning students to get involved.

Child & Youth Care Club

Chinese Student Bible Study Fellowship (CSBSF)

We are a group of people wanting to develop a good personal relationship with God and to know Christ in his fullness through weekly Bible study and discussions. We make friends, share the stress and difficulties encountered, and celebrate achievements. We encourage and pray for each other, help individuals communicate truth and relate Bible study to daily life. We aim to create a safe, loving, relaxing, fun and homey environment for Chinese students. We also welcome other language speakers who are interested in learning Chinese and/or Bible, or simply want to sing or pray with us. Staff are welcome too! Snacks and drinks are provided.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association

Chinese Students and Scholars Club aims to help Chinese students to live better and healthier lives, and also gives students more opportunities to get involved in Canadian culture. The club also tries to spread awareness of Chinese culture to Canadian students.

Circle K International (CKI)

“Changing the world one child and one community at a time.” The CKI Club is affiliated with the Kiwanis International Organization, which promotes community services, leadership, and development. This club works to create an awareness of what’s happening in the world and within the community.

Climate Justice

Commerce Club

A program-based club that provides students the opportunity to network and collaborate with various institutions in the business world, both locally and abroad. The Commerce Club strives to guide business minded students through an ever-increasing competitive culture through presenting students with the opportunity to further develop the skills they have attained from their education.

Cultural Events and Artistic Festivities Club (CEAF)

This club is formed with the intention to provide a higher quality and more active arts and cultural experience for MacEwan University. The club will be hosting an array of events ranging from art displays of MacEwan students, to live music and poetry events.

Debate Club

The purpose of this club is to create a safe space which allows for the thoughtful discussion of conflicting and polarizing topics that are pertinent to our society.

Design Portfolio Show

Design Students Organization (DSO)

The purpose of the DSO is to foster a sense of community, to promote awareness and professional development between students, faculty, and the general student body at large, through specific events like fundraisers, social events, occasions, and professional mentoring. The DSO hopes to increase our involvement in the development of a campus organization which promotes students and MacEwan University in the public and professional realm.

EaRNedit MacEwan BSCN Grad 2019

The club aims to provide a banquet to the BScN program graduates of December 2019.

Economics Club

This club hopes to offer new opportunities to enhance students understanding of Economics, network with great new people, and have fun!


An organization dedicated to mobilizing university students to make a difference in their communities while developing the skills to become socially responsible business leaders and to create a better world through the positive power of business.

Engineering Club

The club is a place where students can have some hands-on experience with building, designing, and applying different aspects of engineering. This year, we will be building a robotic arm that will attach to a vertical farm.

Enthuse Club

This club exists to provide MacEwan students an opportunity to expand their writing potential by making content digitally. It also provides students an opportunity to get in front of a camera for a YouTube video audience, and will help students expand their portfolio.

Entrepreneurship Club

Building a business can be tough if you don’t know the process and actions needed. The Entrepreneurship Club offers students a chance to learn and practice the skills needed in a safe environment while fostering entrepreneurial spirit.

E-Sports Club

The Macewan E-Sports club’s goal is to spread and encourage E-sports culture. We do this through a variety of E-Sports related tournaments, viewings and other events.

Evening Social Work Circle (ESWC)

To provide evening social work students opportunities for professional development and community building.

Feminists at MacEwan

We are an intersectional feminist group that centers the voices and experiences of marginalized people through meetings, events, and online discussion.

Filipino Community Club

To spread and to open an opportunity for MacEwan students to experience the Filipino culture. This club will not only focus on cultural and social events but is also aimed to directly or indirectly help issues in the Philippines such as poverty and drug abuse whether it’s through awareness or financial donations.

Film Club


Game Development Club (GADEC)

Like video games? Well now is your chance to make them! For anyone between absolute newbie and seasoned expert, GADEC brings together like-minded people from every skill set and discipline—from art/animation, design, writing, music, programming and more! The perfect hands-on, creative environment to learn new things, practice your craft, and make friends. With GADEC, you will be able to get an inside look at the industry and network with the pros through our various events, activities, and initiatives. GADEC is the official International Game Developer’s Association (IGDA) Academic Chapter for Edmonton.

Gamers Association

Welcome to GAMU – The Gaming Association of MacEwan University. We seek to create friendships between students though gaming. We encompass all types of games from table tops to competitive video games. If this sounds right for you we would love to hear from you.

Harm Reduction Club

We aim to advocate for practices and information that will decrease negative physical, social, and mental consequences associated with activities such as substance abuse and sexual health in order to reduce potential harm.

Health Professionals Club

The club will mentor 1st-year students by providing coaching, hosting health-related events, and fundraisers. The club will also link aspiring health professionals to professionals in fields such as veterinarians, optometrists, dentists, MDs, and pharmacists.

Health Promotion Club

This club aims to sponsor awareness about health issues affecting individuals around the world. By raising money for medical supplies, offering information on disease prevention, and other such events, the club will have volunteer opportunities to allow students to give back to their community.

Hip Hop Dance Club

This club specializes in Urban Dance. Anyone can join this club regardless of experience, gender or age, but we encourage commitment from people who are interested. This is where you can dance your stress away and be active in an easy and fun way.

History & Classics Club

The History & Classics Club is a group of students who have a common interest in the history, philosophy, literature, drama, art, and architecture of antiquity. This club is inclusive to all students.

Human Resources Club

MHRC is the student club for Human Resources Management Students and Alumni of the HRM Program at MacEwan. The purpose of MHRC is to foster student Human Resource leadership development through the coordination of educational and awareness projects.

Idea & Social Club

The Idea & Social Club exists to generate greater interest in the humanities and philosophy, to contribute to students’ enlightenment by challenging old ideas and introducing new perspectives, to aid in students’ professional development and networking, to create a community of engaged students, and to contribute to a rich university life.

Ignite Computer Sciences Club

The Ignite Computer Sciences Club aims to inspire youth to enter the field of Computer Science through interactive programs and events targeted at youth and high school students in the Edmonton area. Events are hosted off campus by MacEwan University students to provide mentoring and knowledge to students about computer programming, software development and other computer science topics.

Improv Club

The Improv Club seeks to introduce its new members to the basics of improvisation and to provide an outlet for those who share their enthusiasm for unscripted drama. Improv activities, exercises and short scenes are usually performed at our weekly, hour-long meetings. No prior experience is required, and everyone is welcome.

Indian Club

The MacEwan Indian Club provides a platform for socialization and a chance for international students to connect with Indian events. It provides a knowledge base for second generation Indo-Canadians and all other students, and connects them with their ancestral culture.

Indigenous Students Club

Indigenous Students Club works to create a sense of community for students while they study at MacEwan University. The club offers support and encouragement in the form of regular council meetings, social events, recreational activities and supporting special events. Student Club Activities Include: Annual Cultural Day, Peer Support and Tutoring, Movie Night, Family Night, and End of the Year Banquet.

InQueeries Club – MacEwan’s LGBTQ Alliance

Celebrating diversity in all its forms, InQueeries is MacEwan University’s LGBTQ Social Group and Pride Alliance. There are meetings every week and events throughout the year, such as educational presentations, guest speakers, fun activities, and the annual Gender Bender. InQueeries is a safe space open to everyone and a great place to meet LGBTQ peers and allies!

International Student Club

The MacEwan International Student Club is here to bridge the gap between international students and domestic students, while providing customized activities based on student needs! We’re here to to help other students feel welcome at MacEwan and to provide support as they integrate into the student body. We host fun activities such as orientation ice breakers with pizza and games, trips to W.E.M. and hockey games, and tea chats, paint nights, bowling, etc.

Investment Club

Jack.Org MacEwan

The MacEwan Jack Chapters Club is here to connect with students, inform them about mental health services and encourage discussion around mental health—reducing the stigma. The club will facilitate workshops and hold events and info booths in an effort to increase awareness on campus and show students that they aren’t alone.

Latter Day Saints Students Organization

Our Club facilitates opportunities for members of “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” and those who wish to participate in Faith inspiring classes, fun events, service opportunities and other activities.

Law Club

The MacEwan University Law Club helps MacEwan University students in all aspects of the Law School Application process and further informs students about a future legal career. It assists students in the application process through events such as LSAT study groups, bringing in guest speakers, hosting “office hours”, and hosting Personal Statement writing information sessions.

Learning ASL at MacEwan

We noticed that there is a demand. Students at MacEwan want to learn American Sign Language but it’s not offered as a class. This club aims to help teach ASL to its members and to facilitate communication in a number of forms. ASL will help our members in their everyday, professional, and personal lives.

Live Music Club

We are passionate about live music and strive to impact our environment in ways that nourish the community. We plan to create performance opportunities and appreciation to student musicians as well as create ways to involve students at large with the music community. If you’re an avid performer or just a fan of music we’d like to be another way for you to network!

MacEwan Anthropological Students’ Society (MASS)

The Anthropological Students’ Society provides anthropology students with the opportunity to participate in, and facilitate events and speaker series, pertaining to the Anthropological discipline at MacEwan. They fundraise and plan events that foster solidarity and education amongst anthropology students.

MacEwan Computer Science Club (MaCS)

The purpose of MaCS is to promote an environment for the interaction of computing science students with other computing science students and with other relevant parties. MaCS engages in activities relating to social, academic, and professional interests. MaCS is the undergraduate student group for the Department of Computing Science.

MacEwan Nursing Student Alliance (MNSA)

MNSA is dedicated to creating a unique nursing student environment by creating and sustaining unity amongst nursing students, creating a medium for students to communicate with faculty, providing nursing students with social, academic and professional events, and engage with all MacEwan students.

MacEwan University BScN Grad Class of 2019

We are forming this club in order to organize a grad banquet for the BScN graduating class of 2019. Our plan is to apply for grants through SAMU and fundraise in order to financially support this event. We have a fundraising coordination team that will organize events to raise money and an event coordination team that will arrange our location, entertainment, and food for the event. We plan on asking members of the nursing faculty to attend our banquet to speak on behalf of the 2019 nursing class and be involved in a pinning ceremony.

MacEwan University Diabetes Outreach & Support Network

MacEwan University in Motion

Many dancers quit dancing after high school due to funding problems, lack of adult dance programs, etc. Creating a club where these dancers have an opportunity to continue with dance techniques and performances will gain attention from many. This club will give dancers an opportunity to continue to do what they love in university.

MacEwan University Japanese Conversation Club

MacEwan University NDP

Our club will work to get students politically engaged with present day issues. We offer a space to not only discuss political topics but also host events to make politics and political participation accessible for students.

MacEwan University Vietnamese Students Alliance (MUVSA)

MUVSA aims to act as a safe, inclusive space for all Vietnamese students in MacEwan University, where they can interact with other Vietnamese students, take pride in their culture and share it to other students on campus, and give back to other Vietnamese non-profit organizations, both locally and internationally. As a club, we welcome everyone from any nationality, religion, mindset and choice of pizza topping to join us in exploring and celebrating all aspects of Vietnam with all of its beauty and complications.

Marketing Club

The MacEwan University Marketing Club is a student resource that provides networking opportunities, marketing-focused campus events, and general marketing news.

Massage Therapy Club

Massage Therapy Students are looking to fundraise to celebrate graduation by offering chair massage and any other fundraising methods

Math & Stats Club

The Mathematics Club is the first group that is working with the Mathematics and Statistics Department to create a sense of community among this group of students. Their overall goal is to bridge the gap between faculty and students, even those not in the department. Having trouble with math and stats? Word has it they may tutor…

Meditation Club

To promote healthy living by offering students an opportunity to practice various forms of meditation.

Muslim Students’ Organization (MSO)

The Muslim Students’ Organization of MacEwan University is a group of Muslim students who want to bring awareness of Islam to other Muslim and non- Muslim Students on campus.

Mystery Lies in History

Our mission is to bring forth knowledge for students to connect hidden history and God’s word of prophecy, so that together we have the power to change our future!

Nursing 2018 Graduation Committee – Fall

We have formed this club so that we can plan a celebration of success for our nursing cohort and fundraise in order to make this the best event possible.

Oikos International Club – MacEwan Chapter

Our goal is to engage students in sustainable business practices in commerce through a platform of learning, networking and hands-on projects.

Paralegal Students Club

The Paralegal Students Club serves to foster relationships amongst students in Legal classes or with legal interests, providing study opportunities, seminars for career information, networking and skill-building, and hosting social events.

PennyDrops Club

PennyDrops is a registered student run-non profit organization dedicated to advancement of financial education in Canada.

Poetics Club

Poetics exists as a safe, inclusive, constructive space for any poet of any skill level to have the opportunity to share, write and grow their craft alongside other poets. Through collaborations with other MacEwan clubs and creative poetry workshops, the Poetics Club will provide a space for MacEwan students to strengthen their skills and enhance the creative communities.

Pre-Med Society

The MacEwan Pre-Med Society provides resources about anything related to getting into medical school. They want to motivate and encourage pre-med students.

Pre-Optometry Club

The purpose of this club is to increase students’ awareness of the field of Optometry. They will have meetings to discuss the application process, school possibilities, and new technology in the field of Optometry.

Project Management Club

A profession-based club that offers training and support to help students acquire traits and skills in project management that they can use in their studies and career. We help our members challenge the CAPM exam by offering workshops, resources, and activities to apply their training and increase their exposure to the industry.

Rotaract Club

We are the MacEwan Rotaract Club, a.k.a Rotarians in Action, a non-profit university based club aimed at improving individuals’ leadership and professional skills by raising our society’s well-being by volunteering, implementing development projects and fostering brotherhood. The club looks into supporting campaigns such as the #webelieveyou campaign against sexual violence and also conducts fundraisers for humanitarian aid like Shelterbox.

Social Work Circle 2022

  1. To engage with a community of Social Work Circle members
  2. To provide social work diploma students opportunities for community building within the group, and with other Chapters
  3. To provide social work students professional development and networking opportunities that aid in stronger integration to community practice and make members better prepared for success

Sociology Club

The Sociology Club has a mission! We are a group of leaders who want to strengthen the connections between students and faculty members. We are striving to build a stronger sense of community and oneness among sociology students within MacEwan University. We want to provide opportunities for students to volunteer and connect with people and organizations that can offer mentorship and real-world experiences that enhance our learning. And, above all, we want to offer our support and guidance to all students and to create fun and welcoming spaces to foster new friendships.

Somali Students of MacEwan Club

The purpose of this club is to create a space where Somali students feel like they have a voice and a community where they belong within MacEwan. This club aims to establish an environment where inclusion is not only encouraged but also emphasized. All students will have their voices heard and their opinions validated.

Society of Physics, Earth Sciences and Chemistry (SOPEC)

The focus of this club is to assist physical science students prepare for their transition into University life. The club will host events such as guest lecturers, field trips and conferences for students in the physical science program with the goal of equipping members for a life in the scientific community. The club hopes to expose our students to a wider variety of fields in chemistry, physics and earth sciences; giving them a distinct advantage in professional scientific fields.

South Sudanese Youth of Canada Club (SSYC)

This club is meant to provide a place of sharing and connection for the many South Sudanese students who attend MacEwan. Through the creation of this club, we will promote our culture alongside promoting Canada’s appreciation for multi-diversity and the growing diversity of MacEwan’s campus.

Students Harnessing Aesthetics, Respect, and Professionalism (S.H.A.R.P)

To help students gain necessary life skills such as tailoring, grooming, and professional styling to take and use in their future careers. Our slogan: “To be the best kind of you!”

Student Psychology Network (SPN)

The Student Psychology Network (SPN) is a club for those interested in the field of psychology.  Through collaboration with colleagues and faculty, SPN aims to better the student life by providing a forum of services and aid.  From mentoring, to guest speakers and other psych-related events, we hope to create relationships that will assist individuals through their years at MacEwan.

Supply Chain Club (SCC)

Are you a Supply Chain Management major? This club’s goal is to create a peer based community and support network for those in the major to enhance their university experience. Through info sessions, mock interviews, and mixers, the Supply Chain Club will create more awareness for the program within the industry and with current students as well.

Table Top RPG Club

Table Top RPG Club has always existed as a social activity and an exercise of imagination. Table Top RPG Club exist in many universities and having one in MacEwan will provide a safe space for students on campus to come and participate in. It is a fun, interactive experience that will build community and a sociable environment for students.

The Leguminadi

The Spanish Club

The Spanish Club will provide the opportunity to speak Spanish, explore and raise awareness about the rich cultures of the Hispanic world with a relaxed, fun and enjoyable setting beyond the classroom.

Ukrainian Club

This club’s goal is to promote and preserve Ukrainian language and culture. Those with a Ukrainian ethnic background or those interested in the culture as a whole will be invited to watch Ukrainian movies, singing folk songs, and watching dance performances. This club will help to expand the multi-cultural community at MacEwan.

United Nations Club (UN)

The United Nations Club is a group of MacEwan students that are interested in international issues and would like to learn about the UN by “doing”. They hold training sessions/ UN-style debates and train members on how to debate using the proper UN modeled rules. They send delegations of students to National Model United Nations Conferences where MacEwan students get to use the skills they learn as a team/club at an international conference.

Video Game Club

From mere enjoyment and fun to identifying the social issues within the video game industry, this club brings students together over a common love of nostalgia, the emerging art form, or just curiosity for the medium itself!