Breakfast Club

You’re sleepy. You’re hungry. We’re here to help. To ensure MacEwan students have the sustenance they need to kick-start their days, SAMU offers a free breakfast to all students every week!

Breakfast Club is offered only during the Fall and Winter terms. Check back around the beginning of the Fall term to see how we’ll be delivering you free breakfast.


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5 Reasons Why Breakfast Matters

1) Memory – Studies have shown that eating breakfast improves your cognitive brain function and your memory. Heading to class on an empty stomach might not seem like that big of a deal, but if you’re trying to memorize the skeletal system of the upper extremities or cite instances of allegory in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, give yourself a fighting chance and eat something!

2) Heart – Skipping breakfast is attributed to higher levels of cholesterol, LDL, and insulin in adults – all symptoms that can lead to heart disease and diabetes. By eating breakfast, you’re regulating your blood sugar after a long period of not eating. If you aim to “break the fast” with a healthy meal, you keep your blood sugar at a stable level, avoiding a sugar high and the crash that comes with it – not to mention the health problems later down the road.

3) Concentration –When you’re feeling particularly unfocused, take a minute to review how your nutrition has been lately. A well balanced diet, starting with breakfast, can improve your concentration. There are enough distractions on campus already. Eating with improved concentration in mind will help you get a leg up during times of stress (so, most weeks of school).

4) Energy – You need energy to function and energy comes from food. “Well, what about coffee?” you may ask. While coffee might be a quick fix to help you stay awake, it isn’t the kind of fuel your body needs for prolonged and sufficient energy. Besides, caffeine can make you feel anxious and or hyper – not the kind of energy you were hoping for before settling into that 90 minute lecture.

5) Impulse Control – Studies have shown that a well-rounded breakfast helps with impulse control later in the day. When you start the day right, you have the energy you need to sustain yourself, therefore you’re less likely to go for cinnamon buns, Starbucks pastries, or any of the other junk around campus. When you skip breakfast, it’s like going to the grocery store on an empty stomach; you’re bound to make impulse buys based on the biological need to satisfy your hungry. Set yourself up for success, not failure, by nibbling on a high protein, high fiber snack at the very least.