The Gray Gallery

The Students’ Association of MacEwan University’s Gray Gallery houses student art initiatives. The gallery acts as a retreat within the University and a space for the appreciation and sharing of student art works. The space is located behind the cafeteria in the Heart of the Robbins Health and Learning Centre, Room 9-113A (110 Street, 104 Ave).

The Gray Gallery is named after the late Dorothy Gray who was a longtime professor at MacEwan University.  She devoted countless hours to helping students and building up the university. Gray was interested in local history, painting and art, interior decorating, museums and newspapers.

As a designer, illustrator or photographer, it’s important to build a strong portfolio. SAMU offers opportunities for students to photograph campaigns and events, as well as volunteer their talents as illustrators and designers. Volunteer your time for art gallery events, as a gallery attendant, or volunteer your art! This is a great way to build your resume, gain exposure, and learn more about the arts community in Edmonton. Many employers hope to see applicants with volunteer experience in the arts because it shows initiative.

The Gray Gallery is entirely volunteer run, therefore gallery hours may vary. If you’re interested in getting involved, please contact

For more information about current or upcoming exhibitions, please call us at 780.633.3683

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