The Gray Gallery

The Gray Gallery supports the artistic initiatives of students on campus. It offers an opportunity for students to plan and organize their own exhibits, as well as take part in SAMU-run exhibits. The gallery is named after the late Dorothy Gray who was a longtime professor at MacEwan University, and devoted countless hours to helping students and building up the university.

The gallery offers opportunities for MacEwan students, staff and faculty to showcase their artwork and curate their own exhibits from start to finish. Gallery hosts will be eligible for a $200 grant to help fund the creation of their galleries. Students can also get involved by attending the gallery, volunteering their time for gallery events, and more! This is a great way to build your resume and get involved in the local arts community.

The Gray Gallery is entirely volunteer run, therefore gallery hours may vary. The space is located behind the cafeteria in the Heart of the Robbins Health and Learning Centre, Room 9-113A (110 Street, 104 Ave). If you have any questions or are interested in getting involved, please contact

The Gray Gallery is currently closed until further notice.

Digital Gray Gallery

The Gray Gallery has temporarily moved online and is currently accepting submissions from MacEwan students to plan their own online exhibit. The Gray Gallery invites submissions in the format of photographs of all types of artwork, including painting, drawing, sculpture, prints, photography, textiles and mixed media.


Macey Edem Nortey, SAMU Programs Manager
Rm. SA-301