U-Pass will not be offered for the Spring/Summer 2021 term. Please refer to our U-Pass Statement for the full update from the fall 2020 semester, and to see alternatives for students that will continue to be in effect until at least Aug. 31, 2021.

Each transit municipality will have its own new policies to adapt to the loss of the U-Pass. The full list of changes and available options can be found here. 

What is the U-Pass?

Parking at MacEwan University’s City Centre Campus is scarce and not necessarily affordable for students. The U-Pass is SAMU’s helpful alternative to driving and dealing with these parking predicaments. In partnership with Edmonton, Strathcona County, St. Albert, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, and Spruce Grove Transit, the U-Pass is an affordable way for MacEwan students to get around during the school year. The U-Pass is available to all students who are enrolled in at least one credit course at MacEwan University. Students are assessed each term if they are in an on-campus program and an on-campus class. 

Where to Get Your U-Pass

U-Pass is not being offered for the 2021 Spring/Summer semester.

Why is the U-Pass Mandatory?

Well, it’s a matter of economy; buses rely on passengers to recover costs. We realize not every student at MacEwan is interested in the U-Pass, but for the U-Pass price to remain low, all students must participate in the program.

U-Pass Terms & Regulations

The U-Pass is not valid until the U-Pass sticker is affixed to the proper location on the MacEwan student ID.

The U-Pass is non-transferable and may only be used by the student to whom the U-Pass is issued, which means you are the only person who is allowed to use it; you are not permitted to share or sell it. If this rule is violated and your U-Pass is confiscated, your U-Pass privileges may be revoked and your U-Pass fee will not be refunded. U-Pass stickers remain the property of The City of Edmonton, including those affixed to an ID card.

Edmonton Transit, Strathcona Transit, St. Albert Transit, Leduc Transit, Fort Saskatchewan Transit, and Spruce Grove Transit reserve the right to verify the validity of any student’s U-Pass

A student who fails to comply with the rules, regulations, policies and bylaws of Edmonton Transit, Strathcona Transit or St. Albert Transit respecting ridership may have his/her ridership privileges revoked without refund of the U-Pass Fee

Edmonton Transit, Strathcona Transit, St. Albert Transit, Leduc Transit, Fort Sask Transit and Spruce Grove Transit reserve the right to modify their respective transit routes and schedules


Fall term U-Pass sticker is valid from August 25 – December 31.

Winter term U-Pass sticker is valid from January 1 – April 30.

Spring/summer term is valid from May 1 – August 31.

A new sticker is required for each term – to get the most from your U-Pass, pick up your sticker as soon as they become available, regardless of when your classes start.

PLEASE NOTE: Transit Services provide no grace period for the U-Pass. You must have the proper sticker attached to your ID card prior to using transit. If you do not have the sticker, be prepared to pay. The fine for fare evasion on Edmonton Transit is $250.

Opt Out

  • Students who are exclusively in online credit courses will automatically be opted-out out of the U-Pass program. The following special circumstances are able to waive the U-Pass fee:
  • A student with a valid disabled transit registration
  • A student with a valid CNIB registration
  • A student in a co-op or practicum program who is taking no on-campus credit courses lasting more than eight consecutive weeks of a term, and who is also fulfilling their course requirement outside the boundaries of the participating Municipalities for the majority of that school term
  • A student who is also assessed the U-pass at either U of A, NAIT, or NorQuest
  • An employee of one of the participating transit systems
  • A full-time and continuing employee of MacEwan including Faculty
  • Forms can be picked up at your local SAMU office.


The current U-Pass agreement lasts until 2021. Annual fees were frozen at $170/term until 2019, and will now increase by $5 for each of the last two years.

2018/2019 – $170

2019/2020 – $175

2020/2021 – $180

Lost or Stolen U-Pass

If your U-Pass is lost or stolen and you wish to purchase a new one, SAMU is doing a Pilot Pro-rated U-Pass Replacement as follows:

First month @100% of rate: $175.00
Second month @75% of rate: $131.25
Third month @50% of rate: $87.50
Final month @25% of rate: $43.75

Transit Route Information: