SAMU Programs aim to provide students with activities and opportunities to learn about wellbeing, as well as raising awareness about various resources available to students, both in and outside the MacEwan community.

Our mission is to provide ongoing and one-off programming with the direct aim to improve the long-term wellbeing of MacEwan students and their community.

SAMU Programs consist of the Student Refugee Program (SRP), StressLess, Sustainability, SAMU Cares, and Artworks. SAMU Programs also runs a variety of other programming and interactive campaigns, blog posts, hands out wellness bags, and organizes activities that fall under two umbrellas of focus – Wellbeing and Community.

Please note, all SAMU programming is subject to change as we respond to updates and guidelines for COVID-19.

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SAMU’s Sustainability Program focuses on programming to encourage students to take on sustainable practices through education and activities, as well as looking at SAMU’s internal practices to ensure we are adopting sustainable practices where possible.

Learn more the Sustainability Program.


StressLess programming focuses on mental health resources, stress relief, and student wellness through a number of initiatives throughout both the fall and winter semesters, especially around mid-terms and finals.

In the past the StressLess Program has provided activities such as a free coffee station, free yoga, wellness dog visits, and snack bags.

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Learn more about StressLess.

SAMU Cares

The SAMU Cares program is a bursary funded by the Students’ Association of MacEwan University (SAMU) for students who are in financial need. The bursaries are to help students and their families with financial assistance in the Fall and Winter terms. The program has grown to assist 60+ families each year and is funded by the creative fundraising efforts of the SAMU community.

If you are interested in donating to SAMU Cares, please contact

Learn more about SAMU Cares.


SAMU’s Artworks Program consist of several arts-related initiatives, including the student art gallery, Gray Gallery, and an artwork rental fundraiser, known as Grayworks. SAMU also purchases student artwork each spring to refresh Grayworks offerings, and to display in the SAMU building.

Learn more about the Gray Gallery.

Student Refugee Program

Each term, $2.50 of your student fees goes towards supporting SAMU’s Student Refugee Program (SRP). Working with World University Service of Canada (WUSC), SRP funds the tuition and housing of a refugee student for four years. With the help of a local committee group made up of students and staff, SAMU ensures all the sponsored student’s needs are met throughout their time at MacEwan.

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