SAMU Committees

Looking for a way to get involved? Sitting on a SAMU committee is a fantastic experience with lots of benefits. You’ll meet interesting people, have the chance to work with faculty and university administration, and gain tons of experience for your resume. Plus, you’ll make a lasting impression at MacEwan University and the Students’ Association.

Throughout the academic year dozens of opportunities open up for students to sit on committees and help guide our institution and the Students’ Association to make students’ lives a little easier.

We are currently accepting applications for SAMU Committees. 

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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists Students’ Council in fulfilling its financial oversight responsibilities.

Budget and Finance Committee – Applications Closed

The Budget and Finance Committee oversees the construction of the SAMU budget, assesses and reviews SAMU fees, and reviews SAMU financial statements.

Bylaw and Policy Committee – Applications Closed

The Bylaws and Policy Committee ensures the relevance and consistency of SAMU Bylaws and Policy.

Governance Remuneration Advisory Committee – Applications Closed

The Governance Remuneration Advisory Committee performs annual reviews of the remuneration and compensation provided to Councillors, Executives and other committee members performing governance roles at SAMU.

Health and Dental Sub-Committee

The Health and Dental sub-committee monitors and evaluates the Health and Dental program, provides a forum for Health and Dental contract renewals, and advises the Executive Committee regarding decisions related to the Health and Dental program.

Leadership and Review Committee 

The Leadership and Review Committee is a semi-judicial body which advises and reviews Students’ Council, and strives to maximize student engagement.