SAMU’s Back to School Checklist

by on Jul 30th, 2018

Welcome back! You might not be excited to see us, but we’re excited to see you! It’s time to snap out of your summer daze and focus on the school year ahead – the first day of class is right around the corner, and you need to get yourself ready.

Get Back on Track

Prepare your body for those 8 a.m. classes by getting back into a sleep routine before school picks back up. It’s going to suck waking up early on the last fleeting days of summer, but your body will be grateful for it and you won’t have to worry about busting into class late on your first day back.

Beat the Lines

Think getting textbooks early is reserved for only the most studios of students? WRONG! It’s genius. You skip the horrendous lines that inevitably form every single year, and give yourself more for literally any other activity. If you’re excuse is that you might end up dropping the class or the teacher says you don’t actually need the book, you can always return it when the bookstore is way less busy.

And hey, since you’re already here, you might as well pick up your U-Pass which is available starting August 20 for all students who are enrolled in at least one on-campus class.

Scope Out the Area

Don’t get caught frantically running around campus between classes. Take some time to locate your classrooms while campus is nice and quiet, and practically void of panicked students trying to desperately locate the right class. This is going to hold especially true for any students taking classes in the new and shiny Allard Hall building.

Check out the Poster Boards

MacEwan and SAMU poster boards are a great resource to know what’s happening on campus the first couple of weeks back. It’s a crazy and hectic time, with a ton of different events happening all over campus. It can be a little overwhelming, but these are great opportunities to meet new people and get involved with your campus! You can also reference back to the SAMU events calendar or our Facebook page for all upcoming events.

Get to Know SAMU

Familiarize yourself with SAMU and what we offer – which is a lot of great stuff by the way. From events like Fall Fest, Paws for a Study Break and Music Showcase to services like Peer Support, Safe Walk and the Student Food Bank, we’re here to  make sure you have the best university experience possible. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and LinkedIn for all the latest news on SAMU!

Just Say “Hi!”

Make sure you introduce yourself to someone in each of your classes. You’ll make a new friend and you’ll have someone to compare lecture notes with (or to borrow from once in awhile…).