SAMYule Blog

by on Dec 17th, 2018

This holiday season, we asked a few SAMU staff for their holiday favourites. What emerged was a list so spectacular, you’d have to be a Grinch to dislike it! Whether it’s movies, TV episodes or specials, our team loves some of the best holiday entertainment around.   

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Who loves it:

Hyrum Sutton – Lifestyle Assistant

When we asked Hyrum what his favourite holiday movie was, he barely took a second to blurt out his answer, “The Grinch, the Jim Carrey one” he said. Between his love of Jim Carrey and his self-proclaimed spiritual connection to the Who’s of Whoville, it just makes sense that this movie is Hyrum’s holiday favourite. After discussing the movie for a brief period, Hyrum politely excused himself by saying “I’ve got dinner with me at 6:30 and I can’t cancel that again.” Classic Hyrum.

Samantha Callaghan – Administrative Assistant

Sam’s relationship with the Grinch is slightly different. Her connection to the movie stems from watching it eight consecutive times when it first came out back in 2000, when Sam was only eight. “I just loved it so much, it still makes my heart happy,” she mentioned with a smile, “it was also the movie that my teachers would put on when we were close to the holiday break and they didn’t feel like teaching anymore.”

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)

Who loves it:

Bekah Rychliski – Food Bank Assistant

We learned when putting this blog together that The Grinch might just be the most popular holiday story in our office. Bekah however, unlike the previous two staff members, prefers the original animated TV special more than the Jim Carrey version, “we used to watch it every Christmas, so the original just has more sentimental value.” Bekah’s favourite part though? The message, “letting go of your bitterness and embracing the true spirit of togetherness will make your heart physically enlarge three sizes?! Wow.” Now, the Grinch might have survived rapid cardiomegaly, but you should maybe try to avoid the heart enlargement when embracing the true meaning of the holidays…

The Muppets Christmas Carol

Who loves it:

Natalie Bertrand – Events Planner

One of the most cherished Charles Dickens stories, which has been adapted countless times and ways, at one point got its own Muppets rendition. Featuring Michael Cain as Ebenezer Scrooge and Gonzo the Great playing Charles Dickens. Natalie cherishes her memories of the movie and emphasizes that while Kermit is the best, the Muppet ensemble really makes it an enjoyable watch. In Natalie’s own words, “there’s really no need to reinvent the wheel here, it’s a classic, both the story and the movie.”

Home Alone

Who loves it:

Marlena Lesmister – Communications Strategist

Let’s face it, Home Alone might just have been every kids fantasy, at the beginning. For Marlena this was no different. However, if Marlena was left home alone while her parents and siblings went on holidays, she isn’t sure that she’d have the booby trap brilliance that Kevin did, but she likes to think she would. Now that Marlena is an adult however, she appreciates a whole new aspect of the movie, the sheer majesty of the McCallister house! We think it just might be her dream home.

Megan Lockhart – Managing Editor of the griff

Megan’s favourite thing about Home Alone is that it’s still funny even 20 years later. “It has major nostalgia for me, but it’s still hilarious. I’ve watched it every year for as long as I can remember,” she mentions. Megan admits that she was jealous of Kevin’s brains, but she’s grown out of her jealousy, mostly. Her advice for the perfect holiday evening? “Watch Home Alone, follow it up with Lost in New York, then immediately forget they made three more after that.”

Die Hard

Who loves it:

Darryl Kostash – Director of Building Operations

When we asked Darryl what his favourite movie was his reply was simple, “yippee-kay-yay… Well you know the rest.” Die Hard is a family favourite in the Kostash household, “we watch it every year around Christmas, it brings back a lot of good memories,” Darryl mentioned. The classic Christmas action flick turned 30 this year and maintains its standard of one of the greats! It might even be Bruce Willis at his most vulgar and most festive.

Love Actually

Who loves it:

Maura Frunza – Student Services Manager

It might be more suited to Valentine’s day, but somehow Love Actually has become a Christmas time favourite for many people. For Maura, part of the charm of the movie is just how corny the plot is, and that “it’s a perfectly British cast, with a perfectly cheesy soundtrack.” It holds a special place in Maura’s heart, and like many others on this list, she watches it every year. Maura may have the sappiest choice on this list, but she loves that the movie is all about wanting to live in a world where love is actually all around, and she thinks that sentiment is beautiful.

Seinfeld, The Strike

Who loves it:

Brnesh Berhe – Graphic Designer

When Brnesh told us that she wanted to pick an episode of Seinfeld as her favourite holiday show we knew exactly which one it was. That’s right, dig out the pole, pack up your tinsel and start airing your grievances because Brnesh is celebrating Festivus. Now, Brnesh’s love of Seinfeld might have something to do with this pick, but there is nothing more festive than hearing someone mimicking Frank Costanza screaming “FESTIVUS FOR THE REST OF US” at the top of his lungs around Dec. 23rd.

The Snowman

Who loves it:

Marcel Seveny – Clubs Coordinator

Despite Marcel’s struggle to choose between The Snowman and A Charlie Brown Christmas, what ended up helping him make the decisions was one of his favourite things about The Snowman, its ability to tell a beautiful story with no words. “I always loved the music, and I was especially captivated when the boy and the snowman take flight,” he expresses. The 1982 Christmas TV special runs a mere 27 minutes long but manages to capture what made the book so special by taking the breathtaking art style and blending it with a story that doesn’t rely on dialogue.