Schoolin’ Blues

by on Apr 24th, 2019

Why foregoing time off for more schooling is awesome.

Let’s face it, no one wants to be at school after the April exams end. While your friends are having beer and wings on patios, sunbathing at parks or chilling at lakes, you’re studying and staring longingly out of the non-existent windows of a classroom, trying to remember why you chose this form of torture for the off-season.

But keep your chin up! Although you may not get to enjoy all of the pleasures of spring and summer, we’re here to remind you that you made the right decision. Well, at least the responsible one.

More Now, Less Later
Taking an extra class or two during the spring and summer months keeps you ahead of the game. If you’re taking spring or summer classes, you’re likely trying to graduate early or trying to lighten your class load for the fall and winter terms. Doing this is not a mistake. We promise, you’ll thank yourself later.

Summer is Fleeting
Spring and summer sessions are short, like, really short. If you plan on tackling that dreaded class you’ve been avoiding for years, spring or summer class might just be the way to go. Instead of dragging it out for four months, you can hammer it out in two. Half the time, same reward, what’s not to love?

You’ll Know More!
What happened at the beginning of fall term again? Does anyone really know? In fall and winter classes, the content from the beginning of the term can seem foreign by the time finals roll around, never mind that, you probably have four or five classes to keep straight. In the spring and summer information comes in a cluster but you tend to have less classes and less time to forget the information. Win win!

You’re Not Alone
Because summer sessions are short and intense, they’re often where you meet lifelong friends. You see your classmates all the time and can inevitably commiserate over sitting under fluorescent lights instead of soaking up the sun. After all, mutual pain and suffering can be great building blocks for a beautiful friendship. At the very least you’ll know you’re not suffering alone.