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Student Ombud Support

Student Ombud Support

Welcome to Student Ombud Support!

We are an impartial, confidential, and supportive space for students that are facing academic or non-academic issues.

Through our messaging system, we can provide you with resources, information, and help you navigate MacEwan’s policies and procedures.

Another part of our service includes the Student Support Coordinator. Meetings with the Student Support Coordinator can be booked by appointment only. To book an appointment, connect with one of our trained individuals through the messaging window.

Important Note
  • Direct-Messaging is CLOSED from Monday, December 20th — January 4th, 2022
  • Normal Direct-Messaging hours will resume on January 5th, 2022
During Offline Hours

Offline messages are still welcome and may be replied to on a limited basis between December 20th to 23rd, 2021. Messages either not replied to by December 23rd, 2021, or received between December 24th, 2021 and January 3rd, 2022 will be replied to on January 4th, 2022.

Information & Resources

Important note: MacEwan policies sometimes have specified timelines in their policies/procedures. For example: *you must submit your request within 4 working/business days*. It is very important to know that while the university is closed, these days are **not** considered working/business days. **The university will be closed on the following days: December 24th, 2021 – January 3rd, 2022.

If you are facing an academic or non-academic issue over the upcoming winter break, we have supplied some information and resources below. We hope this list will be helpful during this time.

The role of the Student Support Coordinator includes, but is not limited to:
  • One-on-one meetings with students to discuss their academic or non-academic issues
  • Empowering students to be a strong self-advocate
  • Walking students through MacEwan’s policies and procedures in an accessible manner
  • Sitting in as a non-speaking support person during meetings with MacEwan
  • Offering edits to student’s written requests in relation to the student’s specific academic or non-academic issue
  • Being a source of support during an incredibly challenging and confusing time for students

Please click on the following links below for more information on each topic:

You can contact us through our messaging window, which can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of this webpage. We try to maintain a 1-2 business day response rate.


Let us know how Student Ombud Support is doing or if you have any suggestions for how we can improve the service.