Student-to-Student: Quaran-Time Killers

by on Jun 1st, 2020

Board Games: Quaran-Time Killers

Hardcore board gamers are an interesting bunch, with collections that can span shelves, walls, rooms, houses and even other buildings. People who have taken the deep dive into board gaming often have massive and wildly out of control libraries that grow like weeds even though they promised themselves that they’ll stop buying games once they’re out of shelf space (you know you’re just going to grow the pile on the floor once you run out of shelves). While these expansive catalogues ensure there’s always a fresh rotation of games to play and rules to learn, you can start getting into the board gaming hobby with a much smaller investment in new games that can spice up the daily quarantine routine with your housemates.

For the interested soon-to-be-initiated-board-gamers out there, you have a couple of local options that can supply your new fix:

Mission Fun & Games (560 St Albert Trail) has rolled out a brand-new board game drive through that allows you to safely and securely score some board game loot. Their drive through allows you to call ahead during hours of operation, place your order for games, then drive directly (do not go past GO and collect $200) to their pickup window to grab your games and pay through tap for a contactless experience.

Hero Realms – this deck-drafter is a great twist from one of the creators of Magic the Gathering. With simple gameplay and more constrained card options, Hero Realms makes card combat approachable and fair, as compared to some of the more well-established trading card games that can sometimes feel too pay-to-win.

Wits and Wagers – Are you any good at trivia? Honestly, me neither. But that’s ok! Because in wits and wagers everyone does their best to answer near-impossible trivia questions and then all players have a chance to bet on the answer that is maybe, probably correct, and the closest answer wins! As the great equalizer of fun trivia and gambling, Wits and Wagers is a great way to end the evening of whatever day today is.

Cockroach Poker – It’s a bluffing game where you try to make your friends think you’re lying when you’re telling the truth and telling the truth when you’re lying. This game requires you to try and deceive your friends into bug-themed sets of cards by making them incorrectly guess whether the card you slipped face down is or isn’t the suit of card you told them.

PandemicI know this is a little “on the nose” right now but hear me out; Pandemic is a great cooperative boardgame. You and one-to-three of your friends are tasked with ridding the world of four different diseases that are plaguing humanity. With only friendship and teamwork, you have to coordinate how to find cures and remove illnesses from cities before the world is overrun with these miniscule villains.

Now if physical board games aren’t your style right now, or you need to play games with someone who isn’t sharing a house with you, there’s a way to get an online fix as well!

Tabletopia is a website hosting a wide rang of virtual versions of all of your favourite boardgames (plus hundreds you’ve never even heard of before) that can be played remotely with friends. Tabletopia is offering a free month of their gold subscription that gives you access to all of their games at absolutely no cost. If you want a similar experience with a less polished and more open world feeling to it, Tabletop Simulator on Steam is an excellent replacement for regular games nights, for only $21.99. Purchasing this game opens up the entire world of card games, board games, tabletop RPG and games that my mind cannot even begin to list.

With all of these resources open to you in this time of extreme board-dom it’s easy to try a new way to entertain yourself and your friends until you can once again visit and hug all of your homies in person. If it turns out that board games are your thing, then you’re sure to not be going out any time soon.