SAMU holds two sets of elections each year. In October, MacEwan students determine which 14 candidates will represent them as Student Councillors . The second election, in March, is to elect the Executive Committee, made up of a President and four Vice-Presidents. Combined, Councillors and Executive Committee make up the Students’ Council.

Elections are moderated each year by a Chief Returning Officer. The Chief Returning Officer is responsible for ensuring the operation of open, fair and impartial elections and referendums in accordance with SAMU bylaws and policy.  Referendums and by-elections occur as needed.

Jed Johns 2020-2021 Chief Returning Officer

Student Advocacy Office

The Student Advocacy office at SAMU helps students navigate through the policies and procedures at MacEwan University. They provide assistance with both academic appeals and non-academic matters, as well as advocating for change to university policies on behalf of all students. If you need help, contact the VP Academic at or at 780-497-5476.

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SAMU Bylaws

The Students’ Association of MacEwan University’s bylaws form the structure of the Association. The bylaws are broad based regulations that act as general building block components for the foundation of all SAMU proceedings. They indicate what is lawful within the Association.

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SAMU Policies

The Association has many policies which act as guiding principles, ensuring that responsibility is properly allocated. Our SAMU policies pertain to advocacy, governance, finances and each of our operations.

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SAMU Procedures

SAMU Procedures refers to specific protocol surrounding how the Association acts. It indicates the step-by-step of how each decision is to be carried out, in detail.

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SAMU Annual Reports

SAMU releases Annual Reports detailing how each specific year contributes to the Association’s larger vision. These documents are publicly accessible and contain information about our programs, services, events, advocacy, governance, and finances.

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Good Governance Definition

Good Governance, as practiced by a Students’ Council composed of individuals who are well informed and team oriented, provides strategic direction for SAMU that aligns with the vision of the Association as a whole, anticipating and responding to the needs of present and future students through the effective stewardship of the bylaws, policies, and strategic plan of the Association.

Strategic Plan

SAMU 2018-2021 Strategic Plan