You Graduated! Now What?

by on Jun 19th, 2019

Things to Expect from the Working World

If you just finished writing your last final and you’re feeling a little existential crisis coming on, then don’t worry because you’re not alone. It won’t take long for you to discover that life after graduation is exciting and freeing, but in the meantime it’s a scary feeling, you just spent all this money for school for what? Don’t lose faith, here are some things you can expect now that you’re entering the world of adulting.

You won’t have everything figured out.

Sure, a couple of your friends might have jobs lined up. Take solace in the fact that they’re an exception and not the rule. Most recent grads don’t have that luxury. Instead of panicking that you aren’t jumping into the workforce immediately, focus on the positive! Take this time for yourself – volunteer, spend time with friends, get some life experience and most of all enjoy your freedom. Just do you, the getting a job part will surely follow.

Your evenings and weekends will be free, and it will be amazing.

Working nine-to-five sounds like total drag. Then you start working nine-to-five and realize it’s living the dream. In university, your free time outside of the classroom was spent relentlessly studying, reading, writing essays and trying to survive your group project without losing your mind. Now that you have a set schedule your free time is exactly that, free, and you can spend it doing whatever you want. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Things will change.

You make a lot of friends while at university, some of whom you will stay in touch with. But lots of them you won’t and that’s ok. You’ll gradually see less and less of the people you spent countless hours doing group projects with, the people you joined clubs with, Spencer, who sat next to you during your 8 a.m. psych class  and the people you met at Fall Fest, but the friends who do stick around will be some of the best friends you ever make.

Get off your phone. Sometimes.

Another thing to consider is that If you haven’t been practicing your texting habits, you might need to make a change. During meetings or interactions with your coworkers pay attention and put your phone away. Your teachers may have let it slide, but your coworkers won’t be so easy on you. That being said the world is changing, and your employer may not require you to work a traditional nine-to-five. Your job might even be 90% off of your phone. Feel out your environment and join the company culture.

You’ll have more time.

Now that you’ve graduated, you’ll find that you spend more time alone or with others. But, after a long day of work there’s nothing better than doing exactly what you want instead of thinking about that pesky paper you have due. You can use this downtime to pick up a new hobby, discover a new passion or just be lazy!

You’re going to be the new kid.

Embrace it. At times, it’s going to feel intimidating being the newest person in the office, but this is a fantastic learning opportunity. Use this time to pick up as much advice and knowledge as you can from your co-workers and mentors. They’ll appreciate your enthusiasm and initiative and will gladly help you on your way to being the absolute best you can be in your field.

Congrats on graduating and welcome to the real word – it’s a fun ride.