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About your association

The Students’ Association of MacEwan University (SAMU) is a non-profit organization working independently from MacEwan University to support students. Our purpose is to enrich the student experience by focusing on their non-academic needs through an array of student-driven programs and services.

We are governed by elected student representatives who set the strategic vision on behalf of students. With support from over 50 full – and part-time staff, we keep our mandate student-focused to achieve the vision. SAMU is proud to be an organization serving students, inspired by students.

Our Vision

All students benefit from a vibrant student life and a culture of empowerment.

Our Mission

SAMU builds a positive student experience by creating a place to engage and connect, being a champion for all students, and providing opportunities that allow them to get the most out of their educational journey.

Our Values

Our five values are the basic tenets of how we as SAMU staff and elected student representatives act and make decisions:

Students First

SAMU is here for the students. As such our decisions and actions need to be in the best interest of current and future students.


All students belong to SAMU and should feel welcomed and safe. Diversity is embraced, and we continue to learn new ways of being respectful and empathetic to all students and each other.


At SAMU, we take responsibility for our actions and decisions. Likewise, we are responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to us by students.


SAMU continually listens to students, monitors trends, builds partnerships and works to be on point to the changing student population.


Underlying all the values is SAMU’s ability to adjust and respond quickly to meet students’ needs.

Samu in the news

All the latest news coming from SAMU.

Samu Building

The SAMU Building has lots to offer. See our directory to find what you’re looking for.

Strategic & Annual Documents

SAMU’s official documents such as the three-year Strategic Plan and Annual Reports.

Budget & Fees

Information on Student Fees and SAMU’s current annual budget.

Staff directory

Need to contact a specific department or staff member? Find them in our staff directory.

Bylaws, policies & procedures

SAMU operates by following a set of bylaws, policies and procedures.

Honorary Members

SAMU has conferred these individuals as Honourary Life-Time Members in recognition of their distinguished service.

Budget & Fees

To meet diverse goals, your fees are instrumental in making sure that all MacEwan students get the support and services to students, guided by four key strategic goals.

Food Vendors

The SAMU building is home to four amazing food vendors with loads of delicious beverage, meal and snack options you will surely satisfy your next craving.