Want to get involved with MacEwan, make a difference on campus and have a say in your university experience? Then you should consider sitting on a university or SAMU committee! It’s a fantastic experience with a ton of amazing benefits. As a committee member, you will:

  • Meet some pretty interesting people and make really amazing connections.
  • Network with super important people, like faculty and university administrators!
  • Face difficult challenges – which doesn’t sound fun, but it’s great for developing new skills and growing your confidence!
  • Learn to become a leader and refine your communications skills.
  • Outshine your future competition by strengthening that resume!

Most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to make a real and lasting impact on your university, its reputation and the academic decisions that are made here.

Throughout the academic year, dozens of opportunities open up for students to sit on committees and help guide our institution and our students’ association, making lives a little easier for students.

SAMU Committees
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