Volunteering is an easy way to stack your resume, gain experience in your field, network across the city and have a great time with like-minded folks. SAMU offers many different ways to volunteer depending on your interests, skills and availability. We are, however, looking for people with dedication, commitment and at least 10 hours of available time to give per semester.

Getting some volunteer work under your belt can also lead to having a great reference for future job interviews. It can open you up to many bursaries and awards that require some serious volunteer hours.

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  • Student Food Bank

    Food Bank is a confidential service that subsidizes the cost of groceries for students struggling financially. The Student Food Bank is a highly accessed resource that gives monthly hampers to registered full- and part-time students. Volunteers are needed to execute food drives, collect donations and pack hampers. Find out more

  • Safe Walk

    Safe Walk is a service run by volunteers to safely escort students to their vehicles or public transportation spots. Pairs of volunteers accompany students to their destination after dark Monday through Thursday, but Safe Walk requires a volunteer commitment of only 2 hours per week. Find out more

  • Peer Support

    Peer Support is a confidential peer-to-peer supportive listening program that provides students with a safe place to talk, resources and referrals to MacEwan and Edmonton services if requested. Volunteering with Peer Support requires attending the annual weekend retreat and 10-15 more hours of training throughout the year. You will gain valuable skills to become an effective supportive listener. Find out more

  • Lifestyle

    The Lifestyle program raises awareness about mental health initiatives, student well-being and healthy lifestyles, as well as running stress reducing events before final exams. Find out more

  • Events

    SAMU organizes plenty of exciting events at all campuses throughout the year, which require the help of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. Find out more

  • Gray Gallery

    Are you a designer or artist interested in building your portfolio? SAMU is on the look out for artwork to display in the Gray Gallery, artists willing to collaborate on projects, and students with the ability to assist in art installment or design projects. Find out more

  • Community

    SAMU works to provide students with information and events focused
on environmental and social activities and awareness, as well as involvement in school-wide events such as Global Awareness Week. Find out more