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Volunteering is an easy way to stack your resume, gain experience in your field, network across the city, and have a great time with like-minded folks.

Getting some volunteer work under your belt can also lead to having a great reference for future job interviews. It can open you up to many bursaries and awards that require some serious volunteer hours.

SAMU offers many different ways to volunteer depending on your interests, skills and availability. We are, however, looking for people with dedication, commitment and at least 10 hours of available time to give per semester.

Please Note:

  • All volunteer positions are available only at City Centre Campus.
  • You will have to create a Volunteer Hub Account in order to see all available positions.

Volunteer opportunities


Food Support volunteers oversee The Pantry and Breakfast Club. Breakfast Club occurs every week and requires dedicated volunteers to hand out food on our mobile cart. 

The Pantry is a confidential service that collects food donations for students who are having financial difficulties and need extra help. Volunteering with The Pantry is particularly helpful for people taking classes in Sociology, Human Services, Social Work, and the Faculty of Health & Community Services.

This position requires a minimum commitment of 2 hours (1 shift) per week. The Pantry volunteers are responsible for:

  • Building Breakfast Club bags 
  • Loading and organizing the Breakfast Club cart        
  • Packing hampers
  • Organizing food 
  • Collecting and ensuring adequate inventory
  •  And occasionally be asked to participate in Pantry-related events and represent The Pantry to students and the general public

Sign up to volunteer with The Pantry here.

If you would like to learn more about The Pantry before you volunteer, check out their page!

Food Support Assistant


Help keep students safe!

Safe Walk volunteers assist students by walking them to their car, transit station, or other nearby destination after dark. We work to reduce risk and deter crime through frequent campus patrols.

If you are studying Correctional Services, Criminology, Emergency Communications and Response, Investigative Studies, Police Studies, or are just passionate about a safer campus, Safe Walk is the perfect opportunity for you.

What you are responsible for:
• A minimum time commitment of 3.5 hours (1 shift) per week
• Walking students to their destination
• Completing campus patrols

What we give you:
• Comprehensive training
• Bystander Intervention
• Weather appropriate uniform
• Supportive team environment where you meet like-minded students

Apply to volunteer with Safe Walk here. 

Learn more about Safe Walk here! 

Safe Walk Assistant


Peer Support is a student-operated program that provides students with a safe, confidential environment to discuss life’s stresses and tough situations with a trained listener. If you’re studying Psychology, Nursing, Social Work, Communication, Education, Emergency Communications and Response, Holistic Health, Human Resources, Life Support, Special Needs, Peer Support can help provide you with practical experience and prepare you for your future profession. 

This position requires a minimum commitment of 4 hours (2 shifts) per week. Volunteering with Peer Support involves: 

  • Going through a one-on-one interview prior to being accepted to volunteer with the service.
  • Taking part in a mandatory two weekend-long training sessions on how to properly encourage discussion. 
  • Developing supportive listening skills.
  • Minor administrative duties.

Peer Support applications open Marcch 8, 2024

Sign up to volunteer with Peer Support here. 

If you would like to learn more about Peer Support before you volunteer check out their page

Peer Support Assistant


Helping students succeed

Are you an individual who is passionate about mental health and wellness amongst your peers and community members? The SAMU Wellbeing program brings focus to educational wellness initiatives and events that are geared towards engaging and promoting positive wellbeing both off and on campus.

Volunteering for this position involves:

  • Raising awareness about mental health initiatives, student wellness and sustainable living.
  • Helping with events that are planned by the SAMU Wellbeing Assistant, such as StressLess, Week of Wellbeing and more!

 Sign up to volunteer with Wellbeing here. 


Curious about community?

Have you ever considered how to adapt within our current climates impacts?

Volunteering for this position involves:

  • Providing students with tangible information that bring focus to, environmental awareness, ecological education, and community based activities.
  • Facilitating and helping with projects like, ECO Ambassadors, and SustainAmania.
  • SAMU Community volunteers also have the ability to raise awareness around our Student Refugee Program during International Awareness Week.

 Sign up to volunteer with SAMU Community here.


Help with Events

SAMU organizes plenty of exciting events, like Speaker Series, throughout the year. These large scale events require the help of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. Volunteers ensure that our events run smoothly!

Volunteering for this position involves:

  •   Helping with set-up and teardown
  •   Running games and activities
  •   Ushering for events and activities
  •   Coordinating with the volunteer and events team.

Sign up to volunteer with Events here. 

If you want to learn more about Eventscheck out our calendar to see what type of events you could be a part of!


Promo Squad is a student/volunteer-run team of highly organized, dedicated and enthusiastic individuals. This team is designed to increase awareness and promotion of SAMU programs and services through face-to-face interactions with students.

This position requires a minimum commitment of 1 hour (1 shift) per week. Promo Squad Volunteers are responsible for:

  • Executing activities related to promotions and events to entice student engagement
  • Handing out candy and swag to MacEwan Students
  • Interacting with MacEwan students to inform them of upcoming events and promotions.                         

Sign up to volunteer with Promo Squad here.


Study Buddies volunteering would take place virtually over Discord (however, there may be the potential for assisting with in-person study sessions in the future).

Study Buddies volunteers would be responsible for moderating the discord channel, in which they would ensure that all discord members are adhering to the server rules, participating in discussion with discord members, posting content in the discord channels and answering questions that members may have about the discord channels.
The time commitment is a minimum of 2-hours per-week.
Sign up to volunteer with Study Buddies here.


Besides bolstering your resume, meeting new people, or just gaining some good ol’ fulfillment there are other perks to volunteering!

Read about the SAMU Volunteer Incentive Program and decide if this type of thing is for you.


Volunteer Manager
Tosheena Thompson