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SAMU Student Advocacy Centre

SAMU Student Advocacy Centre

Welcome to the SAMU Student Advocacy Centre!

Advocacy is important to SAMU and we advocate in many ways for our students. This Centre is your hub for resources and support in all realms of SAMU Student Advocacy. We work to advance advocacies for all students internally at the University level and externally with all levels of government.

As for individual advocacy, we have a team to support you if you need to work through academic or non-academic issues at MacEwan University.

Individual Student Advocacy and Policy Support

(Formerly known as Student Ombud Support)

Dealing with academic or non-academic issues with MacEwan?


List of resources that are available to students on and off campus!

Executive Committee

The SAMU Executive Committee advances advocacy for all students internally at the university and externally with all levels of government


Let us know how SAMU’s Student Advocacy Centre is doing and/or tell us about how you think we can improve this service.