Executive Committee Election

by on Jan 2nd, 2019

What is the Executive Committee?

The Executive Committee consists of five student executives who work to help SAMU achieve its goals, ensure the success of the organization’s projects and advocate on behalf of MacEwan Students. They develop and implement their own initiatives, which are inspired by you and aimed at making changes both on, and off, campus. Executives are elected in the winter semester of each year and work full-time with SAMU for the duration of their terms. Each member of the Executive must advise the Executive Committee and Students’ Council on their particular portfolio.

Executive Committee Positions

President: responsible for community and university relations, excluding academic affairs

Vice President Academic: responsible for academic affairs

Vice President External: responsible for government relations

Vice President Operations and Finance: responsible for SAMU internal affairs

Vice President Student Life: responsible for SAMU programming and services

Introducing the Executive Committee

President – Ryley Osadchuk

Vice President Academic – Sean Waddingham

Vice President External – Cole Baker

Vice President Operations and Finance – Andrea Turner

Vice President Student Life – Aubrianna Snow

2019 Executive Committee Election Official Results