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Students’ Council election


2023 Election Results
Layal Zidan

I’m Layal Zidan, and it’s been almost six years since I immigrated to Canada. Embracing the challenges and benefits of being an immigrant to Canada has been an incredible journey.

Currently, I’m a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Science, majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics. I am actively engaged with the Students’ Council, Audit Committee, Tour Guide Program, Math & Stats Learning Center.

My passion lies in representing your voice, particularly for underrepresented STEM students on the Students’ Council. I’m eager to continue to collaborate with councillors and fellow students to ensure that our SAMU fees are utilized effectively, continue enhancing the campus environment, and connect students with SAMU and reduce the gap between them.

The prospect of representing you on the Students’ Council would be an immense honor, and I’m fully committed to understanding and advocating for what’s best for MacEwan students.

Thank you 🙂

Abby Beka


My name is Abby Beka, and I am running to be re-elected as one of your Students’ Councillors! I am a fourth-year biology major with a minor in psychology. Besides serving on Student Council for two years now, I am in my second term as the Board of Governors Student Representative, a MacEwan Ambassador, and President of the student group HuRDE (Human Rights, Diversity, and Equity). If re-elected to Council, I would love to be your student representative, voicing your concerns and needs! I aim to advocate for more community engagement opportunities for students, promote an understanding of mental health supports available to students, and promise to approach every council decision with the student’s best interests in mind, encouraging equity and inclusion for all students.

Delaney Huhtala

As a recently diagnosed autistic member of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, I understand how overwhelming and daunting the university experience can be, even if it isn’t the first year of your studies. I’d love to help provide students with information about the mental health supports we have on campus (the counselors at MacEwan have helped me immensely) and create an environment that can maintain that culture of mental health. I believe that many factors, including physical health, emotional support, and academic support all play a role in mental health, and I really want to focus on developing and enhancing programming for students to address each of those concerns. By creating more opportunities for volunteer-led tutoring sessions, increasing awareness of MacEwan’s physical and mental health programs, and allowing everyone’s voices to be heard, I believe that together, we can create an amazing culture of support and success for all students at MacEwan.

Candidate Video

Ian Kamenwa

As a Student Councillor, I hope to ensure that all students have a voice because I have been one of those students who felt their voice unheard and I hope to be a bridge between governance and the student body. As a councillor i will work to ensure that the money students pay to SAMU is put to good use to better the student experience for all of us.

Mayank Kaushik

Being the Treasurer for CNSA MacEwan chapter and a general member of various student groups I have been an active member of SAMU. I volunteer for the AHS community visitor program. I work with AHS as casual Psychiatric Aide and Service Worker to support myself.

I believe for the best student life; it is essential to integrate non-academic needs with academics which is what SAMU strives for. I realized this in high school during the pandemic when I had almost no non-academic opportunities. I feel not many students in the nursing program know about this and the fact that they have someone to advocate for them.

Through my application, I intend to bring my international experience. I am also passionate about advocating for students and their mental health concerns, especially those with limited support systems. This would be a great opportunity for me and make me a ‘holistic’ student.

Maade Okai

Hey, nice to meet you!

My name is Maade Okai (she/her), and I’m pursuing a Bachelor of Science. I’m currently Majoring in Mathematical Sciences with a Minor in Computer Science.

My passion and enthusiasm for my community have driven me to take action by joining the Student Council. I have been involved with Student Councils during my high school and junior high school careers, allowing me to gain viable student engagement skills and represent my peers. With the many volunteer opportunities that SAMU has to offer, I participated in many of them. From volunteering at the Pantry and Open House, I saw many different aspects of MacEwan. Through those experiences, I found many students aren’t aware of what MacEwan has to offer. I wish to encourage the student body to attend more events and to enjoy university life to the fullest.

Candidate Video

Nhi Phan

Hello everyone!

My name is Nhi Phan (she/her). I am running for re-election as one of your Students’ Councillors. In addition to pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, I am the President of The Chess Fellowship of MacEwan, the President of MacEwan University Vietnamese Students Alliance and the VP Finance for MacEwan Global Students. While engaging with many students from all walks of life, I learnt that we all share the same struggles, whether that’s finding a sense of community, transitioning to university life, dealing with student debts, anxiety and stress, or homesickness for international students. Thus, I aim to advocate for comprehensive student support such as SAMU’s services, and affordability in the face of continuous tuition hikes. I am passionate about serving you and become the voice for both international students and all MacEwan students!

Nathan Poon


My name is Nathan Poon. I am the President of the widely-renowned MacEwan United Nations Club, our university’s oldest club, Vice President of Events of the MacEwan Law Club, MacEwan Ambassador, and appointed Student Councillor. I will also serve as the President of the 2024 Alberta Intercollegiate Model United Nations (AIMUN), Alberta’s largest MUN conference.

Through my shared experience in student leadership and governance, I believe I have the necessary skills to excel in representing the Student Body. As a current member of the Audit Committee, I want to continue to ensure financial and moral accountability within SAMU.

When I first ran for the Executive Committee in March 2023, I ran on a “Students First” platform. If elected, I will continue to pursue and prioritize “Student First” policies that put the health, well-being, and rights of students before anything else.

Inder Singh


My name is Inder Singh, and I am a sixth-year honours biology student minoring in psychology. My academic journey has been rewarding, thanks to connecting with over 500 of you through volunteering and hosting events. Our conversations have opened my ears to your concerns regarding physical and mental well-being, campus safety, and equity and inclusion. Like how our cells communicate together to thrive, the synergy between students, staff, and faculty fosters an integrated and supportive community! If entrusted with your vote, I will improve student programming by sharing student needs and concerns with MacEwan and SAMU services, enhance the visibility and accessibility of student resources by forging connections with our faculty and staff, and create a vibrant and interconnected campus by expanding opportunities for community engagement and volunteering. Together, we will drive change and dismantle barriers to ensure you receive the support you deserve because YOU ARE IMPORTANT!!!

Alem Tesfay


I’m excited to announce my candidacy for re-election to the Student Council this year. Since our campus environment returned to normal, I believe it’s crucial to continue to enhance student engagement and maximize our campus offerings.

My student experience has been enriched by my active participation in various extracurricular activities, significantly influencing my approach to academics. My motto is that if you go to university only to get a certificate, you aren’t getting your money’s worth. Students can unlock their potential and broaden their horizons by becoming involved in areas such as student groups, volunteering opportunities, or committees.

If re-elected to the Student Council, I pledge to continue advocating for increased student engagement and a vibrant campus life for all students. If you have any questions or want to learn more about me, check my Linktree: https://linktr.ee/acealem ! Together, we can create a thriving campus community.

Thank you!

Joehn Torres

As a dedicated second-year university student majoring in Management with minors in Political Science and Entrepreneurship, my commitment to enhancing the educational experience is unwavering. Throughout my academic journey, I’ve developed a diverse skill set well-suited to the role of Student Councillor.

Service has been at the core of my academic career, and I firmly believe in the impact of student representation. My active involvement in student government and extracurricular activities has provided valuable leadership experience and a deep understanding of my peers’ concerns.

My vision is to create a supportive and inclusive campus community where every student’s voice is heard and valued. If elected, I will advocate for your needs, promote engagement, and work tirelessly to enhance the university experience. We can make our university an even better place for all students.

Chioma Uzor

Hello everyone! My name is Chioma Uzor (she/her), I am pursuing Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology, and I am running to be one of your student councilors! Growing up I’ve always had a drive to put my best foot forward and be able to represent a community that holds value to me and that’s what I aim to do if I am elected as your Student Councillor. I’ve noticed that it’s become tedious for students to find a space to fit and interact especially when they are part of a marginalized community. As a member of many undermined communities, I would love to advocate for more community engagement, enhanced mental health supports available for students, and an ethical
approach to inclusivity. I am also motivated to advocate for international students wherever their benefits lie.

Please don’t be afraid to say hello to me! Thank you so much for your support and consideration!

Sonia Yusuf

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve as a student councillor at MacEwan University because I am deeply committed to enhancing the student experience on campus. My passion for advocacy and community engagement has driven me to seek this role, as I believe that students should have a strong voice in shaping their educational environment. I want to foster a sense of inclusivity, representation, and transparency within our university community. Through active communication and collaboration with my fellow students, faculty, and administrators, I aim to address important issues, improve campus sustainability practises, and create a more vibrant and supportive campus culture. Being a Student Councillor means being a catalyst for positive change, and I am excited to work tirelessly towards making MacEwan University an even better place for all students to thrive personally and academically.