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Good Governance, as practiced by a Students’ Council composed of individuals who are well informed and team oriented, provides strategic direction for SAMU that aligns with the vision of the Association as a whole, anticipating and responding to the needs of present and future students through the effective stewardship of the bylaws, policies, and strategic plan of the Association and future students.


Students’ Council is the highest governing body within the Students’ Association of MacEwan University. It is composed of 14 Councillors and five Executive Committee members. You set the direction of SAMU via bylaws and policies.

As a member of the students’ council you gain a seat at the table, thereby, providing you the opportunity to respond and anticipate the needs of present and future students.


The Executive Committee consists of five members who are just like you! They are students in the arts, business, humanities and sciences who have come together to ensure that you get a voice within your university.

The Executive committee collaborates with Student Councillors and the larger student body to guide SAMU’s General Manager, and in turn, SAMU staff, in realizing the SAMU strategic plan.


SAMU holds two sets of elections each year. In October, MacEwan students determine which 14 candidates will represent them as Councillors. The second election, in March, is to elect the Executive Committee, made up of a President and four Vice-Presidents. Combined, Councillors and Executive Committee make up the Students’ Council.

Elections are moderated each year by a Chief Returning Officer. The Chief Returning Officer is responsible for ensuring the operation of open, fair and impartial elections and referendums in accordance with SAMU bylaws and policy. Referendums and by-elections occur as needed.

If you want a seat at the table and to have a voice in SAMU governance, consider running for Students’ Council. Eligible students can run for election for Students’ Council each Fall term.

If you would like to be a part of a team of students who will help shape and drive the vision behind SAMU consider running for the Executive Committee! Eligible students can run for election for Executive Committee during the Winter term.


Elected Representatives are bound by a Code of Conduct, you can view the Code of Conduct and file a complaint below:

  Elected Representatives Code of Conduct

  Elected Representatives Disciplinary Action

  Elected Representatives Code of Conduct Complaint Process Procedure

  Executive Committee Performance Procedure

To file a complaint concerning an Elected Representative, please fill out the Code of Conduct Complaint Form and submit to honeya@macewan.ca.