MacEwan Committees

MacEwan University offers a wide range of committees for interested students who are looking to become more involved on campus. Apply for any one of the committees listed below or visit the MacEwan University website, where you’ll find all sorts of information on Faculty/School Councils, Academic Governance Council, and AGC Committees.

General Faculties Council

  • Animal Research Ethics Board
  • Career Development Advisory Committee
  • Committee on Admissions and Transfers
  • e-Learning Committee
  • Faculty of Arts and Science Council
  • Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications Council
  • Faculty of Health and Community Studies Council
  • Faculty of Nursing Council
  • Information and Technology Management Committee
  • Research Council
  • Research Ethics Board Committee
  • School of Business Council
  • Student Advisory Committee
  • Student Community Engagement Grant Committee
  • Student Services Committee
  • Student Systems Joint Operations Committee

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