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StressLess Study Tips: Feb. 2021

Monday, Feb. 22

Tip 1: Make a schedule or to-do list

  • Break down your tasks into easy and manageable pieces to keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed
    • Prizing: Chapters gift card (5x $50)

Tuesday, Feb. 23

Tip 2: Organize your space

    • Take a moment to clear your head and space of distractions
    • Make it a space you enjoy and feel motivated working it
    • Prizing: Ikea gift card (three $100 available to win)

Wednesday, Feb. 24

Tip 3: Remember to take care of your body

    • Pack yourself small and easy snacks to keep yourself focused
    • Bring a water bottle with you to remember to drink adequate water
    • Prizing: Grocery store gift cards (five valued at $50)

Thursday, Feb. 25

Tip 4: Start an online study group

    • Try our new service Study Buddies or talk to your professor about starting a study group in your class
    • Prizing: BestBuy gift card (three prizes valued at $100)

Friday, Feb. 26

Tip 5: Listen to a playlist that motivates you

    • Lo-Fi, white noise, instrumental, etc.
    • Check out our SAMU study playlists or search Spotify for one that works for you
    • Prizing: Spotify premium account (five $50 gift cards)

Saturday, Feb. 27

🎈Bonus Tip: Remember to take time for yourself to rest and recharge

    • Prizing: ModernGravity gift cards (five floats available to win)


This contest is now closed! Thank you to everyone who entered!

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How to Manage your Online Classes – September

Create a workspace for yourself

  • Find a place where you feel your most productive
  • Decorate this space entirely to your liking so you enjoy being in it

Manage your time (best for online classes that don’t have a set schedule)

  • Dedicate a certain time of day to each class
  • Consider what time of day you are most productive, plan to get attention-demanding work done in this time
  • Ensure you schedule breaks/downtime

Break down tasks

  • Use phone apps to manage homework/projects
    • Egenda, myHomework, to-do, Trello

Take periodic breaks, use them wisely

  • Breaks are a great time/way to practice self-care
  • This can be in the form of exercising, having a snack, watching Netflix/YouTube, seeing a friend, or anything that takes your mind off schoolwork

Ensure other personal needs are being met

  • Schedule time into your day to meet your essential needs
    • This includes eating, exercising, fulfilling social needs

Get in contact with your instructor

  • Remember that your instructors are also dealing with switching to online
  • Ask for help when you need it, be open with your instructor if you are having a hard time adjusting to the online format
    • This will likely be beneficial feedback for them as they work to design their class to fit well with student needs

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