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Executive Committee


The Executive Committee oversees the SAMU General Manager. In addition, each member of the Executive Committee is responsible for advising both Students’ Council and other Executive Committee members on their portfolios. It may sound complicated, but this system ensures that the needs of MacEwan students are met in a diplomatic manner and that everyone is held accountable to MacEwan students.


Gabriel is a dedicated student leader, serving as the President of SAMU. As a Bachelor of Arts student, Gabriel has been actively involved in the campus community since his first year, serving as the President of the Investment Club and founding President of the Chess Fellowship. Gabriel is committed to advocating for issues such as affordability for students and ensuring comprehensive student supports. He is passionate about serving students, always eager to listen, answer questions, and address student concerns. Gabriel recognizes the importance of fostering an inclusive, supportive, and engaged student body. Outside of his work, Gabriel enjoys spending time in nature, bouldering, and playing chess. As President, he intends to build and promote a culture of empowerment, while striving to create a vibrant student life.



Hello everyone! My name is Joseph A. La Torre, but people call me Joe – and I am your 2023/24 Vice President Governance & Finance for SAMU. I am currently in my 5th year in the Bachelor of Arts majoring in philosophy and minoring in psychology with the hopes of going into law school afterwards. My role as VPGF consists of being the direct contact for the internal affairs of SAMU – consisting of MacEwan Student Agreements, financial planning, and governance. In other words, I provide the oversight of the internal financial and governance affairs for SAMU.

When I campaigned for this position, my platform consisted of creating a governance engagement policy and to continue proper financial oversight of SAMU. Now elected, I intend to fulfill my platform priorities by creating the governance engagement policy because it is important to clarify what engaging with the student body is as an elected representative. And further, facilitate proper financial oversight of student dollars to ensure students receive maximum benefits from our supports and services during a time of inflation and tuition hikes.

Although this role is very different from any other student leadership roles I’ve had in the past, I am confident that with the support of my team and our support staff, I will be given the opportunity to do well in this role.



Jakob is an honest & compassionate student leader, serving as the Vice President External of SAMU. Mr. Cardinal is a Cree man from Treaty Six. A Bachelor of Commerce student with a major in Management and a double minor in Supply Chain Management and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Jakob has his eyes & heart set on creating his own 4PL (Shipping & Distributing) company. “I enjoy complex problems and figuring out the steps that I need to take to accomplish success.” – J. Cardinal. While a full-time student, you could find Jakob as an active member of the debate, chess, and dragon boat racing clubs. Away from campus he spends his evenings attending local live music venues and amateur comedy sets here in the city. Mr. Cardinal attributes his adaptability and work ethic due to over a dozen years being a student athlete. “My own desire for team success is a driving force every day in the office. These days my team is SAMU, and inherently the students.” – J. Cardinal. In the upcoming year, in addition to the internal work at MacEwan, SAMU’s Vice President External will be representing the voices and concerns of MacEwan students at the federal level. While at CASA, the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, he was chosen to sit as a voting member for the National Advocacy Committee and the Federal Policy Committee.



Cierra is a first-generation learner in the Bachelor of Arts program with a double major in psychology and philosophy. Recognizing how privileged she is to be newly elected as Vice President Student Life, Cierra is excited to advocate for the appropriate supports students need to enrich their university experience. She is passionate about promoting a well-balanced life for students and concerns herself with the mental health crisis seen across campus. This upcoming academic year, she is looking forward to tailoring supports for international students, advocating for underrepresented students and promoting the resources SAMU offers to all members. Outside of work, Cierra is a mother to many house plants and two cuddly cats. She enjoys checking out the food scene in YEG, biking and jogging in the river valley, hiking in the Rocky Mountains, and spending quality time with friends.



Hey there. I’m Stephan Vasquez (they/them) and I’m your reelected VPA. Being a political science student at MacEwan for the past few years has been incredibly rewarding. The small classrooms have helped me move towards the degree that works for me and my goals. Having more smaller, personalized classes really helped. However, I did notice some gaps to the student experience. I feel incredibly lucky to be elected by the students for a second term so that I can address these concerns I’ve noticed. The affordability crisis, rising living costs, rising education costs, and a stronger need for mental health supports are all severe challenges students are experiencing today on campus. I’m confident that, with our team this year, we can work towards increasing supports and helping reduce these barriers


Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes, transcripts, agendas and more for Students’ Council and Executive Committee can be found here. If you’re looking for Executive Reports, you can find them on the meeting minutes page under the Agenda in the Students’ Council minutes here

If you would like to see past meeting minutes please contact:

Governance Advisor,
Alan Honey