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Executive committee

Executive committee


President – Gabriel Amubtong 780-497-5472

VP Governance and Finance – Joseph A. La Torre | 780-497-5479

VP External – Jakob Cardinal 780-239-3923

VP Student Life – Cierra Jacobs 780-497-5468

VP Academic – Stephan Vasquez 780-497-5476

Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes, transcripts, agendas and more for Students’ Council and Executive Committee can be found here. If you’re looking for Executive Reports, you can find them on the meeting minutes page under the Agenda in the Students’ Council minutes here. Listed below are our Executive Council meeting minutes.

If you would like to see past meeting minutes please contact:

Governance Advisor

Alan Honey


Book a Meeting 

More often than not, our messages can get lost in translation. If you require a “face-to-face” meeting with an Executive member consider booking a virtual meeting using the links below! But if you have more general questions for SAMU, use our contact form and let us know how we can help.

You can also use our contact form or visit our Facebook page to get in touch with a member or you can book a 30 minute meeting with any one of the Executives to discuss any concerns, issues or questions you may have as a student.

How to Book
  • Click on the name of the Executive you’d like to meet with below.
  • You will be directed to a booking calendar where you can view available dates and times.
  • Once you select a meeting time, you will receive a confirmation email with a zoom link to use at your scheduled appointment time.
  • You can also cancel or reschedule your appointment via the confirmation email.

SAMU President, Gabriel Ambutong

SAMU Vice President Academic, Stephan Vasquez

SAMU Vice President Governance & Finance, Joseph A. La Torre

SAMU Vice President Student Life, Cierra Jacobs

SAMU Vice President External, Jakob Cardinal

Interested in running?

If you would like to be a part of a team of students who will help shape and drive the vision behind SAMU consider running for the Executive Committee! Eligible students can run for election for Executive Committee during the Winter term.