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May 7, 2024 | SAMU Blog

Welcome to Student Group Spotlight! Every month, we will feature a different student group to demonstrate the many diverse groups we have at MacEwan and how they all contribute to a vibrant, thriving community on our campus.

Meet the MacEwan Human Resources Club! We sat down with three of their executives to discuss the revival of their group, career-building opportunities and what to look forward to in their future.

SAMU: Hi, welcome to the Student Group Spotlight. Let’s get started by telling me about yourselves.

Sarah: Hi, I’m Sarah, the co-president of the MacEwan Human Resources Club (MHRC). I’m in my final year of the BCom program, majoring in HR and minoring in marketing. Aside from that, I volunteered with the MHRC in 2021, and I’m one of the last alumni from that year.

Avneet: Hi, I’m Avneet, the vice president of events. I’m in the third year of my BCom degree, majoring in HR management and minoring in marketing.

Martyna: Hi, I’m Martyna, the co-president of the MacEwan Human Resources Club, and I’m excited to be here! I am a CPR campus ambassador for MacEwan, and I’m finishing up my HR diploma and balancing working full-time as a Human Resources Generalist.

SAMU: Nice to meet you! What is the MacEwan Human Resources Club, and what do you do?

Avneet: The MacEwan Human Resources Club is a student-led organization. We are dedicated to fostering professional development and networking opportunities for students interested in human resources. We organize events, workshops and networking sessions to connect students with industry professionals and provide them with resources and opportunities to enhance their HR skills and knowledge.

Sarah: We operate on the foundation of collaboration, so we collaborate with other student groups internally and externally with other post-secondary institutions like NAIT. We foster innovation through idea generation, process planning and creating as many opportunities as possible to help HR students branch into their careers.

SAMU: Why did you decide to join the club? What is your favourite part about being a member of the club?

Martyna: Sarah and I found a lack of opportunity for HR students to connect with professionals in the community, and we wanted to create a space for students to enter the field seamlessly upon graduation. So, we decided to revive the club late August of last year (it hasn’t been active since 2021) to provide these opportunities for students. My favourite aspect of the club is the collaboration and the fact that everyone comes from different branches of life with different experiences. Meeting and interacting with our members gives me so much perspective and the chance to learn new things.

Sarah: We wanted to create exposure to HR and show people how complex it is and the many opportunities it holds. Our members have different levels and aspects of HR experience outside school, which allows us to learn from each other during our events and workshops.

Avneet: I found the club through their Instagram, and since I am interested in human resources, I saw it as an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and gain experience. My favourite part about being a member is interacting with the community we’ve made and learning from one another.

SAMU: That’s great to hear. How are you working to connect students with professionals and grow their skills?

Avneet: We organize networking events where students interact with HR professionals from different industries. We also offer workshops and skill-building sessions covering topics like resume building, interview preparation, and HR trends. We focus on preparing students for the workforce and equipping them with advanced skills so they stand out in their field.

Sarah: We have also begun collaborating with the HR Association of Canada, CPHR. Martyna is the CPHR ambassador for MacEwan, so we have had them help us market our events to other post-secondary institutions and develop close connections with student clubs at those institutions as well.

SAMU: What kind of events and workshops do you host? What has your favourite one been so far?

Avneet: In the past, we have hosted various events such as panel discussions, guest speakers and career fairs, but since this is our first year active since 2021, our primary focus has been getting our name out there and letting students know that the HR club exists. My favourite event we’ve done is our trivia night mingler, which had a great turnout and helped us gain our general member base and following on Instagram. We have a development for the workforce workshop coming up soon, which will be our first HR-focused event, and in the upcoming semesters, we plan on growing and hosting more events.

Sarah: Yes, we are really looking forward to hosting speed networking events next semester. It’s something our club was well-known for before the pandemic. We are also working on a collaboration with the Commerce Club to host a business workshop with them to help students build their resumes and connect with other individuals.

Martyna: Some of the other events we hosted this year were a Valentine’s Day paint night, bake sales, and more to create exposure for our club on campus and establish the presence that was missing since this club was inactive for so long. My favourite event was also the trivia night; it was really lovely to see many students come together and collaborate in a lowkey, casual, positive environment that wasn’t school-related at all.

SAMU: Those sound fun! What opportunities can students look forward to when attending your events?

Avneet: They can look forward to more panel discussions and networking events, like speed networking. If you are trying to get your name out in the industry, those would be the events to attend.

Sarah: We offer external volunteer opportunities for students. We will find conferences or events and use our connections to have our members volunteer and attend the events for free. Something else we are working to emphasize is that you don’t need to be in HR to join our club. HR is all-encompassing, so we work to host events that reflect that and provide opportunities for all students.

Avneet: Yes, by attending our events, students can expect to gain and expand their insight into the HR field and grow their professional network, whether on LinkedIn or through the chance to interact with industry professionals, which is how you can secure internships and job opportunities.

Martyna: We are a career-building-oriented club that is not just for HR students. All students in all areas must be able to stand out after graduation, whether on a large or small scale. We are an incredibly collaborative team, and students can look forward to joining a diverse group of passionate students who foster community and engagement at MacEwan.

SAMU: What would you say to someone considering joining a Student Group?

Sarah: Student Groups help you create connections and gain exposure to find jobs and other opportunities during school and after graduation. After graduation, your connections are what will land you a job. By joining Student Groups, you get to meet people and attend events for free, so it’s a great advantage to gain exposure while still learning about yourself, navigating your career path, and making friends.

Martyna: Student groups are a simulation of real-life work experiences. For example, suppose you need to learn how an organization works. In that case, you can enter into Student Groups and see groups’ organization charts, learn how the Executive teams lead, and gain practical knowledge of workplace environments. Depending on your interests, many opportunities await you in student groups and at university.

SAMU: Before we end, is there anything you want to promote or say to students?

Avneet: Stay engaged with our club over the Summer through Instagram. If any students want to apply for an executive position, definitely keep an eye out for that near September, and if you have any questions, reach out to us. We are here to help you!

Sarah: Utilize Student Groups Connect to stay updated over the Summer on what all the groups are doing! Get excited for the Student Groups Expo in the Fall; we will be there with our new Executive team, so it’s an excellent opportunity to meet them and learn more about our group!

You can connect with the MacEwan Human Resources Club on social media through Instagram @macewanhrc.

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