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Apr 2, 2024 | Student Groups Spotlight

Welcome to Student Group Spotlight! Every month, we will feature a different student group to demonstrate the many diverse groups we have at MacEwan and how they all contribute to a vibrant, thriving community on our campus.

Meet the MacEwan South Asia Club! We sat down with their president to discuss the motivations of their group, misconceptions around South Asia and the benefits of joining their group and experiencing different cultures!

SAMU: Welcome to the Student Group Spotlight! Can you tell me a bit about yourself? What program are you in?

Jeba: Hi, my name is Jeba Bushra, and I’m the president and founder of the MacEwan South Asia Club. I’m also an economics major in my second year of a Bachelor of Arts program.

SAMU: What is the MacEwan South Asia Club, and what do you do?

Jeba: Our goal with the MacEwan South Asia Club (MACSA) is to create a community for the South Asian minorities on campus. We often feel like we don’t get proper representation, so our club is dedicated to celebrating and promoting the rich heritage in South Asia, including the diverse religious, racial and ethnic identities.

SAMU: Why did you start the MACSA Club?

Jeba: Many people on campus see South Asian minorities as a monolith—that we are all one type of person from a single country with one language, religion and identity. But this is not the case, and I wanted to create a platform where we could show MacEwan students and surrounding communities that we are more than that and showcase the diversity and culture we have to offer.

SAMU: Wow, that is inspiring! What is your favourite part about being a member of the MACSA?

Jeba: I enjoy meeting people from different cultures and areas. I didn’t realize how many types of South Asians we have on campus. I’ve met many people from Bangladesh, and I thought I was one of the only ones from there on campus! There are students from Kashmir, Sri Lanka and more in our group who speak entirely different languages from what I thought. So, even I don’t know everything about South Asia, I’m still learning. Being a member expands your global perspective and we have members from almost every Country!

SAMU: How are you working to provide a platform and voice for students to experience and celebrate the beauty and diversity of South Asia?

Jeba: We strive to show appreciation and acknowledgement to all students interested and celebrate as many cultural and religious events as we have in South Asia. We are hosting an event to celebrate Holi and are planning a Ramadan event. We are also working to collaborate with different student groups like MacEwan Global Students to help connect students and provide as many learning opportunities as possible! At our events, we offer a range of food from different countries and cultures within South Asia because there are many similarities within some dishes, but they have differences depending on the area they’re from. Students have had fun trying food from other regions and guessing where it’s from!

SAMU: That sounds fun! It’s great to know that you’re creating an environment where students can learn about other cultures.

Jeba: Yes! Our goal is to showcase diversity and inclusivity and encourage students to have an open mind where they can learn about their similarities and differences in a relaxed environment.

SAMU: What kind of other events and workshops do you host? What has your favourite one been so far?

Jeba: We have hosted movie and game nights, fundraisers, a tote bag painting event, group meetings and we plan to host many more events in the fall! My favourite event was our game night. We had a lot of traditional games that South Asian kids grew up playing, and it was really fun to see the different rules people had for the same games and watch them hash it out. The students were so comfortable and excited, which was great to see. We had the PAWWS dogs there for the movie night, which was very amusing and relaxing. All our events have a very welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, and I’ve noticed all our members, even new ones, don’t have any trouble fitting in, being relaxed and chatting with new people. They feel like it’s home, which is what we have been working to achieve.

SAMU: Do you host specific events like workshops or community events?

Jeba: For the most part, we host community events because we all come from different cultures, so there is always something new to learn! Our members are very open and curious, so learning will always be a part of our events; even if the event isn’t focused on teaching, they’ll still ask questions and create discussions!

SAMU: What can students look forward to when joining your club and attending your events?

Jeba: Our club gives students, especially new students who might feel out of place, a unique opportunity to meet others who look like them, speak the same language and find a community where they will feel more grounded and at home. It’s a great place to come and learn more about your culture and become more connected. We also have many opportunities to get involved with our club through designing, marketing, social media content and more.

SAMU: What do you wish students knew about your group?

Jeba: Our club is open to everyone, even if you’re not South Asian. If you are interested in trying South Asian food, games, tea, or anything new, you are welcome to join us and try it out! We are excited to have new people join our group; you don’t even have to be actively involved. You could be passively listening and experiencing the culture by being there.

SAMU: What would you say to someone considering joining a Student Group?

Jeba: Go for it! Many of my friends and I have found our people through Student Groups. It may take some time to figure out which group is best for you by trying a few out, but that’s the best way to learn what you’re interested in! You can find a group that benefits you creatively, academically or socially by having fun and making school more enjoyable.

SAMU: Are there any last thoughts you want to say to students before we end?

Jeba: If you enjoy singing or being on stage, watch out for our Karaoke event in the Fall. If you are looking to get involved in our group, were looking for executives to join! Check us out on socials. Good luck with your exams!

You can connect with The MacEwan South Asia Club on social media through Instagram @macsouthasia or their website at

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