The Executive Committee collaborates with Councillors and the larger student body to guide SAMU’s General Manager, and in turn, SAMU staff, in realizing the SAMU strategic plan.

Eligible students can run for election for Executive Committee during the Winter term.

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President – Parvin Sedighi

Hello! I’m Parvin and I’m thrilled to be returning to the Executive Committee as the President, continuing on from my role as VP External last year. In this position, it’s my job to ensure the Vice Presidents are supported in their roles and initiatives, working with my team to implement the will of the students and to meet their needs during their time at MacEwan. I’m passionate about bringing equity and diversity to the forefront at SAMU and at MacEwan, and as a woman of colour in politics, I’m excited to take on the work of breaking down barriers to access and participation. My time at MacEwan has been split between the classroom, all the clubs my schedule could hold, and lots of governance experiences— both through students’ council and through sitting on university committees. When I wasn’t doing all the above, I also spent some time working for SAMU at the griff, which you should all be reading regularly. I also happen to be a political science student, with a focus on political philosophy, so in my spare time I enjoy reading books that make my head hurt and leave me confused about mostly everything.

Whether it’s for a conversation about old dead guys and their ideas, or about something impacting your experience at MacEwan, I’m always around to talk. You can email me (, drop by (7-292C), or send me a carrier pigeon (success rates vary), I look forward to serving you!

President Portfolio

VP Academic – Jackie Kent

Hello! My name is Jackie Kent, and I am your Vice President Academic for the upcoming year, and I have just completed my Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Accounting. Throughout my time at MacEwan, I have been heavily involved with the MacEwan University community. I volunteered with the MacEwan Ambassador Program for two years, was the Director of Events and eventually President of the MacEwan Human Resources Club, and I held a part time job for most my degree with MacEwan Recreation. In my role as VP Academic, I will connect the student voice with MacEwan University in terms of academic affairs. This formally includes academic committee representation and student appeals. Some initiatives I plan to work on this year include extending fall term break and the purpose around the break, promoting affordable instructional materials and methods, study space on campus and a course outline database for students. I will work hard this year to ensure that student’s voices are continued to be heard!

I hope to connect with you! Don’t hesitate to reach out via email at or stop by my office in 7-292!

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VP External – Andrew Bieman

Hey Y’all! My name is Andrew Bieman. I am your Vice President External for the 2018-2019 year. I was deeply involved with SAMU before becoming the Vice President External. I was a two-time Students’ Councillor, a committee member that sat on various SAMU committees, and a volunteer for the Safe walk program. This has given me some integral knowledge of SAMU and how it operates to better students’ lives here at MacEwan. The Vice President External advocates to external actors, mostly the government, on behalf of MacEwan Students. My role is to ensure that the voices of students at MacEwan are heard in the political realm. I will advocate to government on behalf of students on numerous student issues. An advocacy focal point this year is for the government to legislate a tuition cap. This will ensure students can afford and predict the costs of their degrees. I am excited to represent MacEwan students externally and to ensure that MacEwan students voices are heard by politicians and government officials!

If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me in my office (7-292E), on the phone (780-633-3763), or by email (

VP External Portfolio

VP Operations & Finance – Emma Patterson

Heyo, my name is Emma Patterson, and I am serving my second term as the VP Operations and Finance at SAMU! I’m here to oversee SAMU operations, governance, finances, and the SAMU Building, as well as some of SAMU’s services like the Health and Dental plan, and the UPASS. This year is the final preparation year for the SAMU Building, which will be opening in Fall 2019! I will be working on this project, ensuring it remains on time and on budget, and that students are the main focus of the entire project. It’s our building after all! SAMU internal operations will be changing over the next several months, including implementing the new 2018-2021 strategic plan, streamlining the organizational structure, and a re-orientation to strategic goals and objectives, with more solidified and measurable metrics to identify areas of focus. A new goal of mine is to learn more about and implement more sustainable initiatives within the organization. An organizational sustainability analysis will be my first step, to identify processes, programming, etc. that can be improved or adapted to more sustainable practices. Finally, I want to be more involved within the campus community. As the SAMU internal representative, I want to create new partnerships with departments and groups within the institution, and identify more ways students can be integrated into MacEwan’s processes and priorities. In addition, I want to look beyond the campus to identify community stakeholders and engage with them in a more meaningful way to build more ties with SAMU, students, and community members.

Thanks so much to all the students who supported me and re-elected me for a second term. I hope to do bigger and better things – call it “Emma 2.0”. Shoot me an email at any time and we can chat!

VP Operations & Finance Portfolio

VP Student Life – Tansy Spyker

Hello Everyone! My name is Tansy Spyker and I am your Vice President Student Life for the upcoming year. I serve as the liaison between the university and all non-academic initiatives. My focus is on student experiences, including internal advocacy campaigns, social justice and student well-being. My passion for campus life started with meeting amazing people, joining clubs and working in various student excellence departments within MacEwan. I am overjoyed to be in the role that is responsible for programs and services that enrich students’ campus experiences. I am passionate about elevating multilevel inclusion, student health and safety on campus, as well as fostering MacEwan Spirit. This year, my top three priorities are to elevate inclusivity, educate about healthy practices and negotiate safe spaces for all students. This will be accomplished with collaboration with SSD, MacEwan Pride, kihêw waciston, student affairs and others.

I hope to connect with you! Don’t hesitate to reach out via email at or stop by my office 7-292A!

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Executive Committee

Parvin Sedighi / Students' Association President / 780.497.5472 /

Emma Patterson / Vice President Operations & Finance / 780.497.5479 /

Jackie Kent / Vice President Academic / 780.497.5476 /

Tansy Spyker / Vice President Student Life / 780.497.5468 /

Andrew Bieman / Vice President External / 780.633.3763 /