The Executive Committee collaborates with Councillors and the larger student body to guide SAMU’s General Manager, and in turn, SAMU staff, in realizing the SAMU strategic plan.

Eligible students can run for election for Executive Committee during the Winter term.

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President – Stephanie Nedoshytko

Hi everyone! I just graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in April, and I will be serving as your President for the year. Prior to my position, I served in SAMU Governance as a Students’ Councillor. During my four years here, I’ve been involved on campus in various ways, from being a MacEwan Ambassador, to being a club executive. I also have nonpartisan public service experience from the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.

This year I plan on fulfilling my goals, which range from advocating for student needs and mentorship, to ensuring that students have the best experience possible at MacEwan. With that, I hope to strive for MacEwan to receive the recognition and funding that it deserves so that we can maintain consistent services for our priorities like mental health. I will also be continuing the hard work of my predecessors on the SAMU building, while ensuring everything remains student-oriented. Through everything I do, I try to remain as transparent and accountable as possible.

With the movement of CFAC students to their new home, I want to ensure that SAMU can be as inclusive as possible to strengthen our student community. I want each student to know that my door is always open. I’m here to work for you. Please never hesitate to contact me at!

Find me on Twitter: @StephNedoshytko

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VP Academic – Robbie Lepp

My name is Robbie Lepp, your Vice President Academic and I’m in the last stretch of my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology.

When I started at MacEwan four years ago, I started volunteering with Safe Walk and Peer Support through SAMU. I have been actively involved in the Ambassador program as well as Students’ Council. My experiences have given me an opportunity to learn some of the issues that other students face in all faculties across the different campuses.

In my role as VPA, I will be connecting SAMU to MacEwan University in all things academic. This includes committee representation, study space, appeals and more. Some of the initiatives I will be working on this year will be extending the Fall Reading break, repurposing Reading Breaks for mental health, open education resources and cheaper textbook options, and ensuring there is more study space with the increased number of stacks in the library.

I will work hard to ensure that your voice is being heard throughout the university.

If you have any questions or concerns, email me at!

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VP External – Parvin Sedighi

Hi! My name is Parvin Sedighi, and I’m thrilled to be serving as your Vice President External for the 2017-2018 academic year— I’m a third year Bachelor of Arts student, pursuing a major in Political Science.

I’ve been involved with SAMU since my first year, where I started out as a volunteer writer for our then-newspaper, the griff. I had the pleasure of serving as a students’ councillor in my second year, and in my third year, I was lucky enough to work as an assistant editor at the griff.

I was involved extensively with clubs during these last three years as well, and paired with my academic background, I was able to come into this role with a sound and extensive understanding of the job.

My job is to advocate to external bodies (which typically includes all three government levels) to make sure students’ voices are heard and that our needs are met. Currently, I serve as the chair of the Edmonton Student Alliance and sit as the SAMU representative in our provincial advocacy group CAUS (Council of Alberta University Students). As well, I’m the Director of Policy for our federal advocacy group CASA (Canadian Alliance of Student Associations).

If you ever have questions about external advocacy or just want to chat governance, don’t hesitate to drop by my office or send me an email to!

Find me on twitter: @parvzy

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VP Operations & Finance – Emma Patterson

Hi there! My name is Emma Patterson, and I am a fourth year Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Human Resources. I am currently serving as your Vice President of Operations and Finance at SAMU.

Over the past few years I have been involved in various clubs on campus, as well as with the international student programs. With my background in fine arts and my experience with a diverse student body, I feel I have been able to gain insight into student needs and how SAMU can help.

This year I will be focusing on the construction of the new SAMU building, helping to ensure it is on budget and on time. I want to continue ensuring there is a sustainable long-term plan, both financially and operationally for the building, as well as connect and consult with students throughout the process.

I also aim to make our students’ Health and Dental plan more widely available to all our students, bringing a Part-Time Student Health and Dental plan to a student referendum in October 2017.

I hope to connect with you! Feel free to email me at or stop by the SAMU office for a chat!

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VP Student Life – Jason Garcia

Hi! I’m Jason Garcia, a recent graduate in Sociology and French of the Bachelor of Arts Program, and I have the honour of returning as your Vice President Student Life for a second year.

In my last term, I demanded the prioritization of influential student services on campus. For example, I advocated for increased initiatives on sexual violence prevention & education, and strengthened our institution’s commitment to reconciliation with our Indigenous members.

In my second term, I’m returning to ensure the continued progress of alleviating on-going student issues that inevitably impact our campus community. This means an increased dedication to students’ mental and sexual health, a stronger commitment to student human rights and accessibility, and expanded opportunities for student development. MacEwan students are some of the most hard-working, motivated and passionate students around—they’re the biggest reason why our organization needs to strive to work for their benefit.

One of the primary roles of the VPSL is to enrich the lives of students and improve the quality of campus life. I look forward to making that a reality this term.

My door is always open so please don’t hesitate to stop by. You can also email me at or tweet me @jayyyjeee
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Executive Committee

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