Exploring Our Website with a Scavenger Hunt

Oct 16, 2023 | SAMU Blog


It’s a new year with new faces and new classes. But you’ll make it through and make new advances. To get you started, follow my instructions, and answer right. Then you just might be rewarded!

  1. Go to the SAMU website – samu.ca
  2. Find Zenzone
  3. Find Eco-Samu
  4. Find Artworks
  5. Find the Student Refugee Program
  6. Click the Google Form link below and answer the questions
  7. Once you have answered all the questions then you will be entered into our Zenzone Back to School Giveaway Bundle! The bundle consists of:
    • A Carhart Hat
    • A Wreck This Journal
    • A Navy Hershell’s Backpack
    • An Owala Water Bottle

Complete the Scaveger hunt form!

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