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Remaining Social During Antisocial Times

Wellbeing blogs are written by the SAMU Wellbeing Assistant, Lauren Rundell.


Social Wellbeing is the ability to communicate and develop meaningful relationships with others and maintain a healthy support network.

Maintaining your social well-being when our typical socializing methods are discouraged can be extremely difficult. To help, here are some ideas of ways you can keep your social life active:

  • Online Game Night
    • There are a lot of different platforms for online gaming. Some people play online games while having a Discord or FaceTime call with the person/people in the game. You can also use screen-sharing to play games like the Jackbox Party Packs together. There are plenty of websites like that are super easy to use and let you play online games for free with your friends.
  • Call a Close Friend or Family Member
    • Texting is great and convenient, but nothing beats hearing the sound of someone’s voice. Phone calls can be a great way to have a more meaningful conversation with someone and build a stronger relationship. You’re probably overdue to call your mom anyway, so you might as well use this opportunity to do so.
  • Netflix or Disney+ Party
    • Streaming platforms like Disney+ and third-party software like com let you watch movies and shows online with your friends for a virtual movie night.
  • Utilize the Outdoors
    • Socially distanced outdoor hangouts are a great way to get in-person interaction without breaking COVID-19 regulations. Hanging out outside allows you to get some fresh air and sunlight along with having as much space as you want to socially distance. Just remember to make sure to respect everyone’s comfort level when it comes to in-person interactions.
  • Group Call Activity Night
    • Cook with your friends over video call, follow a Bob Ross paint tutorial, have a coffee date. The online possibilities are endless!

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