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Students’ Council

Students’ Council

Students’ Council is the highest governing body within the Students’ Association of MacEwan University. It is comprised of 14 Councillors and five Executive Committee members. Councillor elections are held each Fall term.

Students’ Council approves bylaws, writes the policies that govern the activities of SAMU and also ensure expectations have been met. Essentially, the Students’ Council speaks on behalf of MacEwan students, and helps to make sure your concerns are being addressed and that your university experience is the best it can be. 

Students’ Council is moderated by a Chair. The Chair enables orderly and effective meetings to occur by maintaining a neutral and fair perspective. This allows Students’ Council to focus on substantive discussions pertinent to its jurisdiction and business. As such, the appropriate selection, appointment, evaluation, and recognition of a Chair takes place. 

The position of Students’ Council Chair is appointed for a term of May-April.

Timothy Jobs
Chair, 2021-2022

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Interested in running?

If you want a seat at the table and to have a voice in SAMU governance, consider running for Students’ Council. Eligible students can run for election for Students’ Council each fall term.


The meeting minutes, agendas, audio transcripts and audio links for Students’ Council meetings can be found on the minutes page.