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Students’ Council

Students’ Council is the highest governing body within the Students’ Association of MacEwan University. It is comprised of 14 Councillors and five Executive Committee members. Councillor elections are held each Fall term.

Students’ Council approves bylaws, writes the policies that govern the activities of SAMU and also ensure expectations have been met. Essentially, the Students’ Council speaks on behalf of MacEwan students, and helps to make sure your concerns are being addressed and that your university experience is the best it can be.

Students’ Council is moderated by a Chair. The Chair enables orderly and effective meetings to occur by maintaining a neutral and fair perspective. This allows Students’ Council to focus on substantive discussions pertinent to its jurisdiction and business. As such, the appropriate selection, appointment, evaluation, and recognition of a Chair takes place.

The position of Students’ Council Chair is appointed for a term of May-April.

Timothy Jobs
Chair, 2023-2024

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Students’ Council members


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Hello, everyone! My name is Chioma Uzor (she/her). I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and minoring in Biological Sciences. Aside from student council, I also have had the opportunity of being Vice President of Internal Affairs of the Black Students’ Alliance of MacEwan University (BSAMU). In this position, I learned about the different issues that students endure on campus, and I joined the student council to bring them to light. I have a deep passion for student wellness and community engagement and hope to create more opportunities available to the student body. Being Student Councillor, I would like to become an advocate for student mental health services, inclusivity, and awareness on campus. As well as strengthening our diverse campus community.


Hi, I’m Sasha (she/her). I’m a third-year Nursing student. You might recognize me as the President of the Canadian Nursing Student’s Association and Director of Events for MacEwan Global Students. While working closely with nursing students, I realize that many nursing students are apathetic toward SAMU. That needs to change! I intend to advocate for hundreds of nursing students and help bridge the gap between the students and SAMU. As an international student, I value, more than anything, a sense of community. I want to build on SAMU’s community and focus on social, mental, and financial support for international students. As a counselor, I intend to serve as a representative of not only nursing students and international students but also as a representative of MacEwan Students.


I’ve always had a passion for Student Council, since my sixth-grade election, I was fighting for longer recess breaks and the cancelation of PATs. Having the opportunity to voice my ideas at MacEwan through student council allows me to build my own place in the Griffin nest. In that nest, I plan to instigate more sustainability in day-to-day waste such as; Investing in compost bins that would reduce our overall waste and prove nutritious to our soil on campus as well as, spreading awareness about the effects of toxic gas emissions that produce from leaving our car engines running unnecessarily.

Understanding the needs at MacEwan is not only a responsibility I am prepared to take on, but I guarantee to bring a sparkle of fun and set aside time dedicated to organizing events benefiting student life in and out of campus!

I’m Sonia Yusuf and I approve this message.


Bio coming soon!


Nice to meet you! My name is Joehn Torres. I am a student at MacEwan University, and I am currently progressing toward a Major in Management and Minors in Political Science and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. In addition to my education, I am also a Student Councillor for SAMU. This is a passion that I hold dear to me, this is the passion of helping and lifting up others. In this case, the people I am representing are my fellow students in MacEwan University. I want to give voice to those that aren’t being heard and being pushed aside and if I can’t give them a voice then I will be their voice so their interest are not hindered. Furthermore, I believe that the University should not solely focus on pursuing education but also help student enjoy this moment in their life, to have fun, make memories, and to connect.


Hello! My name is Rayyah Sempala (she/her), and I am running to be elected as one of your Students’ Councillors! I am a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Sociology with a minor in French. Since the beginning of my time at MacEwan University, I have been involved with the Students’ Association of MacEwan University (SAMU) in numerous ways, including on committees, student groups, and finally as an appointed Students’ Councillor. My governance journey began when I was appointed onto Students’ Council in October 2021. As a Student Councillor, I have been a strong advocate for student issues and concerns. If elected, I aim to advocate for justice, inclusivity, and awareness on Students’ Council; promote an enhanced understanding of student mental health, supports; and continue to support initiatives that promote student engagement on campus(fun events!). Thank you for your consideration and support!



My name is Nathan Poon, and I am in the Bachelor of Science program in Computer Science. During my time at MacEwan, I’ve had the pleasure of engaging with our unique community and getting to know the wonderful students who make it. In addition to being a Student Councillor, I am a proud member of the MacEwan Debate Club and the Secretary-General/President of the MacEwan United Nations Club.

With rising inflation and rabid tuition increases, the students I have listened to are financially and mentally exhausted. With MacEwan’s student body expected to grow to 30,000 by 2030, we must have leaders who can listen to students and pave the way for a better future. I will strive to promote “Student First” policies while working to create a safer, healthier, and more engaged community.

Thank you!


Bio coming soon!


Hello everyone! My name is Layal Zidan. I have been in Edmonton for almost five years, and I love the challenges and the benefits of being an immigrant to Canada. I am a second-year student completing my bachelor’s degree in science, majoring in chemistry and minoring in mathematics. STEM students are not represented enough on Students’ Council, and I would love to be your voice. You may recognize me as one of MacEwan’s ambassadors or as one of the volunteers at The Pantry. I am eager to work with councillors and students to ensure the effective use of the SAMU fees we all pay. One of my goals is to promote a better campus environment and more enjoyable events during the school year. Representing you on Students’ Council would be such an honour. In addition, I am committed to understanding what is best for MacEwan students and being their voice.


Bio coming soon!


The meeting minutes, agendas, audio transcripts and audio links for Students’ Council meetings can be found on the minutes page.