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Brick Portable Chargers

Free Portable Chargers in the SAMU Building

Need some juice? You can borrow a portable charger for free* in the SAMU Student Lounge (SA-216)!


  1. Scan the QR Code on the portable charger bank below.
  2. Submit your payment information. Acceptable payment methods include Credit Card, Apple Pay and Google Pay (needed only if not returned within 72 hours).
  3. Claim your free* portable charger.
  4. Ensure your charger is on before plugging in your device.
  5. Return your charger to an empty slot within 72 hours to avoid late fees.
  6. You may download the optional app by searching “Brick – Powerbank Sharing” in your app store.

Chargers work for Apple, Android and other devices. They have USB C, Lightning and USB Micro Type A cables.

These chargers are perfect to use on the go, whether that’s in class, on the bus, going out or staying at home.

* Late fees: if you do not return your charger within 72 hours, you will be subject to late fees. See full rates below:

  • 30 min late: $1
  • 24 hours late: $5
  • 5 days late: $20