What are the Inner Development Goals (IDGs)? 

Mar 26, 2024 | SAMU Wellbeing

Inner Development goals (Transformational Skills for Sustainable Development) is a non-for-profit initiative. These goals will assist us to reach the UN’s Global Goals (SDGs) and how do they do this? Well by researching, collecting, and sharing certain skills and qualifications which will help us live more purposeful, productive, and sustainable lives.  

For inner growth there are 23 different skills and qualities within five dimensions that make up the IDGs framework. Which include: 

  • Being (Relationship to Self) 
  • Thinking (Cognitive Skills) 
  • Relating (Caring for Others and the World)  
  • Collaborating (Social Skills)  
  • Acting (Enabling Change) 

Why are the Inner Development Goals important? Because it aims to develop inner capacities for people to work towards sustainable development. The IDGs also help you regain a sense of balance while living in the fast-paced world. It reintroduces us to what we learned when we were young and reminds us to take a step back and rebuild our relationship to self, to practice our thinking skills, to bring back our empathy and compassion skills, relearn our communication skills, and our decision-making skills.  

For us to work towards a common goal together we must work on yourself so that we have the capacity to be able to work together to reach our common goal in the future.  

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