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THINKING: Cognitive Skills

March 1 - March 31

Taking on new perspectives and evaluating different information can help us make sense of the world as an interconnected whole and build strong decision-making skills. The question below invites you to think about what you do to make sense of the world.

What are you doing to make sense of the world around you?

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ECO Luncheon
By answering the question above, you’ll receive an invitation to an exclusive luncheon with fellow ECO-minded students! The luncheon takes place on [date], and you’ll receive your invitation in your MyMacEwan email inbox one week prior, so keep your eyes open.

Ready For Your Next Clue?
Think of a place where you might build connections with your peers. HINT: check out the place where students go to lounge in the SAMU Building.

Did You Get The Last Question?
If you missed the previous question about Being and Relationships to the Self, think about the home of services and supports that enable you to reflect and focus on yourself. HINT: check out the hall of mirrors.

Activities For Making Sense Of The World:
Ready to get started? Try some of the activities below to work on your cognitive skills.

Mindfulness Practices
Mindfulness is the practice of doing, responding, and acting with intention. Check out some methods to practice mindfulness in your life here.

Meaning-making in a Crisis
A brief online course that equips you with some tools to build a meaningful life for yourself in times of great difficultly. Check it out here.

Meet Yourself at 90
A guided exercise that provides you the tools to be present with yourself and your hopes, dreams and priorities by envisioning yourself at your 90th birthday party. Check it out here.


March 1
March 31
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