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Getting Involved In The Community

Wellbeing blogs are written by the SAMU Wellbeing Assistant, Lauren Rundell.


Societal Wellbeing is the ability to participate in a thriving community, culture and environment.

Participating in and becoming aware of your local community can help you feel more connected to your society as a whole. Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Make Sustainable Lifestyle Changes
    • These can be simple changes such as switching from single-use to reusable options like reusable food containers, water bottles, metal straws, etc.
    • You can also opt for low-waste and package-free products, buying second-hand, shopping locally if that’s an option available to you, and repurposing objects like take-out containers.
  • Support Local Businesses and Artists
    • Buying from local businesses helps support your community and is more sustainable while also providing a more fulfilling shopping experience. Typically, when you shop from a local business, you know who you are supporting because they’re often the person helping you in the store.
    • Supporting local artists is a great way to promote cultural growth in your community. Although we can’t go to concerts right now, following an artists’ social media pages, checking out their music streaming pages, checking out SAMU’s online Gray Gallery, and attending online-events are all effortless ways to support local artists.
  • Watch out for Online Events and Showcases
    • Even though nearly everything seems to be online these days, there are still online (and some in-person) events around the city for you to attend. By checking out local directories like com,,’s event page, and, you’ll undoubtedly find something to spark your interest.
  • Volunteering or Donating
    • Volunteering or donating to local non-profit organizations can be a great and easy way to support your local community. You can find a good list of local non-profit organizations
  • Educate Yourself on Local Issues
    • If you’re looking to get more involved, there are ways to do so. This can be in the form of keeping yourself up to date on local social and political issues, supporting local advocates and getting involved in local or student governance (like SAMU’s Students Council).

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