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We’re With MacEwan Students

As crises around the world continue to impact the health and well-being of many MacEwan Students, we at SAMU are taking this opportunity to remind our members of the many resources available on campus and in our community when they experience heavy and complex emotionsthat impact their ability to have a happy student experience at MacEwan.


Prioritizing Student Wellbeing

SAMU Resources

Peer Support provides a confidential space for students to talk with trained student volunteers about what is going on for them in a safe environment. Book an in-person session or access online text-based support and other resources at samu.ca/peersupport.

Safe Walk volunteers assist students by walking them to their car or transit station after dark. When students request a walk, a minimum of two volunteers will accompany them. Visit samu.ca/safewalk to view operating hours or text 780-975-5766 to request a walk.

Zen Zone features upcoming programs that provide a safe space for students to relax and take a break from their stress. Visit samu.ca/zenzone to view our online resources for relaxation, or check the SAMU events calendar at samu.ca/events to see our upcoming Zen Zone dates.

MyWellnessPlan And MyStudentPlan both include coverage for various resources that can help students deal with difficult emotions and high stress, such as free mental health assessments, coverage for psychologist visits, massage and many other tools for your wellbeing. Visit samu.ca/benefits to learn more about coverage details.


MacEwan Resources

Wellness and Psychological Services (WPS)
provides free, confidential and professional counselling services to MacEwan students. Students enrolled in one or more credit courses can book an appointment to discuss health and wellness concerns. Learn more and access WPS at www.macewan.ca/campus-life/mental-health/counselling/

MacEwan Safety And Security offers numerous measures and methods to ensure students feel safe on campus. Students who are feeling unsafe, overwhelmed, homesick or disconnected can reach out to them at www.macewan.ca/campus-life/safety-security/


External Resources

Alberta 211 
is a provincial resource that helps Albertans and those living in the province find a resource or service for an issue they are facing. Call them at 2-1-1 to get in touch.

Access 24/7 provides a single point of access for many adult addiction and mental health programs. Get in touch on their website or call 780-424-2424.

Healing In Colour provides mental health tools tailored to recognize the unique lived experiences of people of colour. Their directory of relevant therapists is designed for students seeking mental health support as it intersects with culture, identity, and oppression. Access their directory at healingincolour.com