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Black History Month

February 1 - February 29

SAMU is proud to recognize Black History Month by highlighting some of the students who are making impressive contributions and achievements at MacEwan! Each of the individuals below are pillars of our community and help to create a culture of empowerment for black students on campus.

Chioma Uzor

My name is Chioma Uzor, and I am Co-President of the Black Students’ Alliance of MacEwan University (BSAMU). I am also in my first full term as a SAMU Student Councillor. I am a fourth-year Psychology Major and Biological Sciences Minor; however, my future goals do not properly match my prospective goals. I am working towards incorporating it to benefit the Black community through health and mind. My plans to address racism and encourage Black excellence started at a very young age; however, I never knew I would dedicate myself to a leadership position that tackles these issues. But I would never trade it for the world. 

Upon starting my position as VP of Internal Affairs with BSAMU, I had no idea what to expect to find myself in this position. Still, I knew I could interact with students through this position to improve the engagement of Black Students on MacEwan’s campus. When I started at MacEwan, I came in without having proper contact with any of my friends from high school, so I expected a Black Students’ Association on campus to hopefully make new ones. Upon discovering that most students had only come to school for class and were eager to get home, I realized there was a lack of a space where students could belong. So when I started with BSAMU, I ensured that I understood Black students’ wants and needs to create a safer space to express themselves and brainstorm opportunities to voice their opinions without judgment. Through this, I programmed and led BSA’s Debate Nights. This event became, by far, one of the most popular and successful events that we have planned. This was especially important for me and the group as it fit seamlessly with our goal: to develop awareness and advocate for social justice issues and we increased student engagement by a long shot. The room was full of diverse opinions, which was refreshing to witness. 

Now, being Co-President, I am starting to learn and utilize the skills I have obtained as VP of Internal Affairs to advance our club in the right direction. We have a growing Black student demographic and a growing student demographic of many different social groups. I want to use BSAMU as a club that educates and binds our community. I want BSAMU to become an eye-opening lesson for MacEwan, considering how they can ally with us as a group and become familiar with our beautiful culture in all its aspects. In light of the many hardships Black students go through, they can rely on their campus community to be one with their own identity. I want to be a catalyst to induce social change in our community. I am currently looking for ways we can improve the Black community concerning mental health, anti-racism, and our involvement in professional areas. I encourage every student, however they choose, to also advocate for issues concerning the Black community; for as long as our rich community continues to grow and discrimination continues to perpetuate within, we will continue to exist as well, and it will never be something we will be shamed for. 

Catherine Halim

My name is Catherine Halim and I am a third-year Major in Professional Communications and Minor in Journalism. I am VP Marketing for the Black Student’s Alliance at MacEwan University as well as a Resident Assistant (RA) at MacEwan Residence. The work I do at BSAMU surrounds media management for all social media platforms, content creation, as well as marketing strategies. The way any student group is represented is very essential to new members, aspiring members and current members, so, I take what I do very seriously. The safe space created by our student group is not only for people of color but for everyone willing to join hands to promote a conducive environment where we all commute as one body.

Being a Resident Assistant at MacEwan Residence equally means existing as a safe space for all residents, knowing when to act at the right time in intense situations and knowing how to work under pressure. I have responded to a good number of emergencies in residence like the recent flood situation. I equally organize community building events that create a social space for all residents like the big culture clash event in SAMU last year in February, a De-stress event at MacEwan Residence, and I have been a part of other events like our recent Winter Gala and many more. I enjoy being a part of beautiful communities like these and giving back to my community in any way I can. Our recent Culture Gala took a long time to plan and put many obstacles in our way, but it was a success, because we all worked as a team to ensure it ran smoothly. Working with beautiful teams like the BSAMU executives and the Residence Life Staff has truly taught me a lot and given me good life skills I did not expect to acquire.

Alex Alphonse

I am Alex Alphonse, a fourth-year student specializing in Sociology with a minor in Political Science, currently holding the position of Vice President of Events for the Black Student Alliance at our university. My journey with the BSA began in a different role, mirroring my progression in understanding and leadership within this vital student organization. My commitment extends beyond event coordination, as I actively participate in the Black Change Council, contributing to initiatives that champion inclusivity and diversity within our campus community. This engagement complements my entrepreneurial efforts, where I founded a marketing company, blending my passion for creative expression with practical business strategies. I am particularly focused on fostering connections between English-speaking and Francophone black communities, striving to enhance communication and collaboration. My role involves not just creating events but also building bridges, ensuring a cohesive and supportive environment for all students. As a proponent of community engagement, I encourage my peers to actively participate in various campus clubs and organizations, underscoring their importance in enriching our university experience and developing a robust student network.

Leticia Anim Kwarteng

My Name is Leticia Anim Kwarteng, and I am currently in my second year of the Bachelor’s Child and Youth Care program at MacEwan. I also serve as the VP Internal for the Black Student Alliance team. I started as the secretary and transitioned into my current role. I actively engage in the campus community, contributing as a member of the CYC Advisory Committee for my program. Last year, I held the secretary position for the Child and Youth Care Circle club. I do value networking and socializing, emphasizing the benefits I have gained from joining the Black Student Alliance team and the program-related club. My involvement extends to volunteering for SAMU events like Fall Fest and U-Pass. Through these experiences, I can say I have successfully connected with some peers in my program and upper years. I want to take this opportunity to encourage fellow students to join clubs, emphasizing their role in fostering a sense of community within the school.


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